Thursday, August 10, 2006

MIA no longer!

Isn't she a doll baby! This is Lillian, Isabella's buddy. Her parents are fellow Youth Pastor/Wife from LA (Louisiana).

I feel like I've been gone forever. LOL I've just lacked the desire to write much but a few fun things have happened that I don't want to forget about. So anyway....

Random things:

People here in HK (I'd love to know if people elsewhere do this too!) carry umbrellas to block the sun. I completely understand but to me it just seems a bit of a nuiscence in such a crowded place. Anyway... the other morning there was a swimmer (actually swimming in the harbour) with an umbrella! How crazy is that?

Krispy Kreme is here and I got to experience it on the first day! I'm actually not a huge fan but there are no real doughnuts here in HK so this was a nice treat. The best part was... the Chinese Elvis inpersonator!

I walked another 4.5 miles! Actually I ran some of that but I did intervals so I'm not sure exactly how far I ran. I'm so stoked because my knees are still ok! My hips were a little sore as I did my tae bo kicks this morning but that's what happens when you don't stretch enough.

On Monday we decided to try the restaurant at the Harbour Plaza Hotel that is outside and overlooks the harbour. The food was incredible! I had seabirch covered in this devine sauce... oh makes my mouth water just thinking about it! I will definitely go there again. LOL

Isabella decided to help me cook this evening and whew... what a mess! LOL I was making lasagna and she insisted on eating the cheese and sauce. It was great (and I wish I could share the pic but maybe another day) to see her dig into the ricotta/mozarella mix and then lick the sauce spoon. Had to give her a bath before our guests came!

Sweet things:
We got to see Cindy and Lillian on Tuesday! It was so awesome to watch the girls giggle (and man did they giggle!) together and it was great to chat with Cindy again. And this evening they all (including Tim) came over for dinner. I just love getting together with them. They have been so helpful during our adjustment period in both life in HK, starting a family, and ministry and it's always wonderful to have someone in the same stage of life to walk through it together. They are considering a move so I ask that you pray for a miracle on Saturday! The main thing standing in their way is a lady who possibly will offer more money for rent. We need to pray hard that she's not willing to pay or just plain old doesn't like the place. I know how much this would mean for them and I want it so badly for them!

We have a number of wonderful gaurds to our building but there is one in particular who loves on Isabella like he's her own daughter. She often squeals as the lift doors open and the second he hears or sees her, he steps from behind the desk and walks over to her and picks her up. He usually takes a minute or two doing anything that will get a smile and she never leaves him disappointed. I just love watching this because I feel that Isabella misses out on not having grandparents close by but he always reminds me of a very loving grandfather when he plays with her.

Isabella can sign 'more'! Wohoo! She's learning this so quickly now. I don't think she totally understands what it means but she's getting the hang of it.

Oh this is awesome... I've mentioned a few times about wanting to start a playgroup with some ladies I met through a web-site here that is for 'raising your child in HK.' Anyway... we were again supposed to meet but the only day that was available was Sunday morning and well obviously I had other duties. So today I got an email from one of the ladies saying that she was again available on Sunday morning. I shared with her that I could do it early but that I was going to church at 9:30. She replied... that would work and maybe we'll come to church too! How awesome is that! But it gets better... she later emailed and said she was unsure of church because her daughter is active and wasn't sure how she would act. Immediately I thought... oh no she's backing out. :( So I emailed and said.. don't worry about her, there's a nursery you can leave her in or there's enough room in the back of the gym to let her play a bit while she still attended the service. I told her I keep Isabella in the nursery and that I would be there to help her. So here's the plan... we're going to meet and go to church together and then go out for coffee afterwards! I am so STOKED that I can't even acturately express my joy! Now I just need to pray that nothing changes in the next few days.

Scrap related:
I was chosen to have one of my layouts published in TheDigiChick's Dezine (magazine)! I'm so excited! My hubby (and Brian)will be famous! LOL

Okay... off to bed.

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