Sunday, August 20, 2006

Been a long time...

I'm going to cheat and use Mike's way (well kind of) of describing the past week...

Saturday: Photo Scavenger Hunt with Youth Group--Isabella and I sent them off and greeted their return. It was so fun to hear the students excitement in trying to gather all 57 photos. We had a great turnout that included several of our Jr. High students... which if you know anything about our ministry here... that's an amazing feat!

Here are the students working on the clues...

and Isabella wanted to play too.

Sunday: I was supposed to meet Adelina and Kayla today but we were unable to connect on Saturday to finalize details. And that morning my Children's Church teacher was sick and so in my running around gathering materials so that I could cover her, I forgot Adelina's number. Needless to say, she was there before church and I was there afterwards. ~bummer~ But the day was pretty good overall. We had a farewell dinner for Noel and Toby who are headed off to Texas and Canada for college at my favourite Thai restaurant and then in the evening we met Dan and Geeta for dinner at CPK. I just loving being around our HK family and Sunday's are always best for that.

Monday: We planned to hit Telford Plaza today but we didn't realize that the bus only ran in the morning and evening so we ended up returning home and just relaxing.

Tuesday: Hmmm... can't really remember this day. Oh yeah... some of the youth guys helped Mike clean up G07 (our Children's Church room that is now also our library) so Isabella and I went over to visit. There's a great bike that Isabella LOVES to ride so I let her ride and play for a few hours. It's nice to have a place to go to, where there's lots of safe space, for her to just run around and she certainly enjoyed herself. She made a new friend in Aries (our new Pastor's son) as he pushed her around on a cart. I was just so grateful for all the cleaning the boys were willing to do. Can't wait to get back into that room in Sept!

Wednesday: CLIFF DIVING! Brett has been trying to get Mike to go diving since we moved and today was the perfect day to go. VERY HOT, very humid... perfect for spending the day in the water. Once we got to the park, we had about a 1/2hr hike down to the fresh water pool. Not too bad but I wasn't thinking properly and carried Isabella in my Mayawrap instead of our hiking pack. Again, wasn't too much of a deal until the trip back. After a full day of being in the sun and swimming, you're already tired and then to have to hike back... uphill in the heat... aghh... needless to say I was pretty tired that evening. LOL

Once we arrived at the pool, I have to admit that I chickened out and didn't jump. I was disappointed in myself so if I go again, I will make more of an effort to jump. LOL Even though I didn't jump... it was a GREAT day! We had a wonderful turnout of boys and two girls. Well one girl and one fellow mom. The water was crystal clear... just BEAUTIFUL... and warm. Isabella made a few new friends who gave her watermelon and a raft to float on. After awhile Lori and I headed to the beach which was also absolutely gorgeous. Isabella ran around at the beach, chasing balls and birds and then we sat down and ate some noodles.

We all walked away a little tired and a little burnt but it was well worth it! To top of the day, Aries, our new Filipino Pastor's son, came over to watch a movie until his parents arrived home. We really want him to feel welcome in our place and loved so we were thrilled that he came over. He doesn't talk much but he's really sweet and just loves to make Isabella smile.

Here's one brave jumper...

and Isabella using chopsticks

Thursday: Lillian was to come over today while Cindy and Tim were at work but something worked out that was a little more convenient for them so we just stayed home and caught up on rest. Isabella was worn out from yesterday so she slept a bit longer than usual. In the evening, we finally got to meet Adelina, Nick and Kayla! It was awesome! Kayla will be 2 in October and she is just a sweetie. Beautiful big brown eyes and curly brown hair. We hit it off pretty easily and made plans to meet Sunday morning... YEAH!

~Meet Nick and Kayla~

Friday: We took lunch over to Pastor Ed and Sharon's new flat. Oh it's just gorgeous... I don't know what it was about the flat but I fell in love with it. We came home and had a lazy evening.

Saturday: We again relaxed at home until late afternoon. Then we went to the park and met another little girl, Lauren, who was just a few months older than Isabella. She was just as active and so they followed each other around, copying what the other was doing. It was really cute and her parents were very nice as well. They said they come to the park almost every Sunday afternoon so I'm sure we'll run into them again... well I'm sure going to try and make it happen. lol

Sunday.... Well today has been AWESOME! So awesome that I'm going to make another post about it!

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sarah lu said...

HEY!!!! so don't worry about the cliff diving thing.. haha i scared too. but it is a big rush once u do it! and a blast. love ya!

-sarah lu-