Monday, January 29, 2007

Sitting here...

enjoying the snow fall. It's absolutley beautiful!

I've been thinking about what to write and after this morning... I have some many more things that I've been thinking so I just decided for now to answer some of the questions that I've gotten...

1. Do you miss HK? Not really but it's not because I don't like it there... I'm just really enjoying my time with family.
2. Do you miss Mike? Well of course! But skype has been wonderful even if we're both really to tired to talk.
3. Are you enjoying American foods? Definitely... I got some Barq's rootbeer and Diet Dr Pepper and Wal-mart's sugar cookies... hmmmm. We're having Olive Garden tomorrow and I'm hoping to make a trip to the Greensburg Mall on Tuesday for Chick-fil-a! LOL I'm enjoying meat other than chicken and mashed potatoes. I'm still amazed at the portion size differences. We had Wendy's and what is a small there is a large in HK so I keep reminding myself to order smaller than what I used to. It's no wonder that the average American woman weighs about 160lbs.
4. Do you miss driving? No way and especially not all the work that goes into caring for a car.

And here are some random thoughts from my head...

1. I'm not missing space as much this time but I'm missing the fun of living in a house, having a guest room, being able to store Christmas dishes, having a yard to care for, etc.
2. I'm not as cabin feverish as I thought I would be. I'm enjoying staying at home and just relaxing.
3. I'm not overwhelmed by the malls or stores but I am overwhelmed every time we walk into a grocery store or that section of Wal-mart.
4. Man has the time flown by already! I can hardly believe we head out to Morgantown and then my parents tomorrow. Crazy but I do get to come back to Dover and go to work with Mom for at least one day. I'm really looking forward to that.

I'll probably come back and edit this post a few times as I think about things but it's fun to get out (even if it's all randomness) the thoughts that pop into my head.

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Sarah LuAnne Anderson said...

hey melissa! are u going to make it to Minnesota?