Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Final Weigh-In for Biggest Loser

Well... TheBiggestLoser-DigiStyle is over (well the first round) and I'm thrilled that while I wasn't the biggest loser, I did lose and managed to gain a better grasp on my eating habits. My final weigh in was 115lbs and lots of inches (can't remember the total off the top of my head) smaller. :) It was fun to push myself and try some different exercises but the thing I'm most excited about is that it got me running. I'm really excited about my first 10K and Tim told me on Sunday that he will keep me posted on other races in the future. Races here are a really big deal with people coming from all over the world to compete so while I know I'll never win, it will be fun to be competitive even if it's just beating my own time.

However, right now I'm so frustrated! With the holidays, weird work schedules and a severe lack of desire (no comments Mike...lol) to get up at 7am... I haven't run consistently for about 3 weeks and now I'm paying for it. The ache in my knee has returned. :( I'm so frustrated with myself and nervous about the 10K but am trusting that going back to interval training for a few days will fix the problem again. And to top it off... I lost my LV card and can't get into the gym for weight training which I really thinked helped as well. Grrrr but it's my own fault. I'm just going to have to be more disciplined that I thought while in the states. No slacking for me. LOL

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