Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Fun few days...

It's been a fun few days here in Hong Kong. On Monday, I met a student to get our hair highlighted and what an experience that turned out to be! (More on that later...) Yesterday, it was finally nice enough to get outside for a bit and Isabella and I spent the morning at the park and today... well it's not even over and we've only been home for about 1/2hr. So anyway...

Monday: I've tried writing this story about 3 times now and I keep finding myself writing way too much to explain my hair so I decided just to suck it up and share what my hair looks like. Well... after giving this stylist complete freedom to do as he chose, my head weighs about 5lbs less! I haven't had my hair this short/layered/thinned since I was in elementary school but I LOVE IT! To be honest... if I don't take style it... it probably could be described as a mullet but styled... you wouldn't say that. (well I hope anyway. LOL) He pretty much lifted the hair on top of my head and cut, no measuring or anything and I think my face showed fear because Noel said, "Are you sure you're okay with this?" :) And then the highlights came and the color they put on my hair was blue. I was a bit nervous but I did tell him to do whatever and he did take quite a bit of time (like at least a 1/2hr) to decide what to do so ultimately I did trust him and figured it would grow back anyway. So I walked away with green... yes GREEN highlights and a new do. I really do love it. I like the highlights a bit more when my hairs wet (they're a bit strong when my hair's completely dry) but overall.. it's so easy to style in the morning and my head feel so light. I asked for change and I got it! It makes me laugh though because I've only cut my hair once since moving because I was so afraid to have a Chinese person cut my hair (and that one time I spent a lot of money to get a westerner to cut it to walk away with not much of a difference) but it was a Chinese stylist who wasn't afriad to listen to me and I walked away very pleased. I guess I learned my lesson.

Tuesday: It was really beautiful out so I finally got outside and to the playground. Isabella went nuts running around, climbing, throwing her ball. It felt so good to get outside again. That was about the extent of our day... just played, played and played some more. Mike was taking the TFC choir to the peak but Isabella had some busy days coming up so I didn't want her to be exhausted.

Wednesday: I was so grateful to some very helpful men this morning. We were given a new stroller by the Manghams and it's absolutely wonderful! It's a bit bigger but it has a much bigger storage area underneath... something we were really starting to need. Anyway... it's not as easy to fold up one handed as the other one and today was the first day for me to take it on public transportation by myself so I was struggling a bit. But getting onto the bus and getting into/and out of the cab... a man grabbed it and helped me. In fact, the man on the bus told me, 'just go sit down and I'll bring it to you' and getting out of the cab the man said, 'grab the important things, your daughter and purse and I'll get everything else.' I felt very blessed to have them be so helpful.

Isabella did wonderful at her class today. They really encouraged giving the children space and freedom to do whatever (which is very nice because most parents don't seem to believe in that here) and I absolutely loved watching Isabella follow directions, try new things, etc all on her own. I was so proud and she was so eager to receive her stamp at the end that she actually fussed a few seconds because we had to sing our good-bye song first. lol TFC was performing at the school (where our church meets) so I decided to just stay out and about after gym class until then so we went to Toys R Us and KFC for lunch. Then we hopped into a cab to go back to the school.

It was so fun to see familiar faces (and actually be remembered by some!) and to listen to the choir. They are treating us to dinner this evening at my dumpling place and then Mike and I are going to be tour guides and take them to the night market. That should be a lot of fun and it's perfect because I have a few gifts I want to pick up before heading home. So we've only been home an hour and we still have a long fun day ahead.


Carolanne said...

A night market sounds like so much fun!
You've had a busy week and it's not over yet but I'm glad you're enjoying it.

Lena Brandenburg said...

I'd love to see a picture of your new 'do! It does sound like you are a busy, busy girl!