Tuesday, January 16, 2007

High Tea

{The classical grandeur of The Peninsula Lobby is the epitome of all that is great about this legendary hotel. The Lobby is a busy but relaxed all-day drinking and dining venue, and one of Hong Kong's premier meeting places. The world-renowned afternoon high tea is a Hong Kong "must" where guests are entertained by a live string band. In the evening, The Lobby pianist plays.}

{High Tea is an early evening meal. It would usually consist of cold meats, eggs and/or fish, cakes and sandwiches. In a family, it tends to be less formal and is an informal snack (featuring sandwiches, cookies, pastry, fruit and the like) or else it is the main evening meal.}

Sharon invited Dorie, Imelda, Hannah and I to the Peninsula Hotel for High Tea last Thursday. I was so excited because it was a chance to get all dressed up and be a lady (lol) without Isabella at one of the most gorgeous and famous hotels in HK. We arrived at 3pm and got a table right underneath the musicians (explains the bad photo). We were quickly greeted and served English Tea. Oh it was so fun... so my style. And then they brought the food and wow was it good! There were little sandwiches, chocolate, scones...yummmm. I had a ham sandwich for the first time in HK and it was devine! (and I don't even normally like ham) And the scones... oh my. Then the musicians began to play and I felt like I was in heaven. :) The music was amazing and I found myself really missing that part of my life. But the fellowship was icing on the cake. It was so great to just talk about life and not church details. We took time to share prayer requests and that was really special. To know how to pray specifically for each person and be able to see their hearts. I don't get to spend much time with any of those ladies so it was a real treat to spend the afternoon with them.

The whole experience was so fun, so memorable. It made me wish we had more money so I could do it on a more regular basis and it made me wish Isabella was old enough to go. Oh how fun it will be to take her, to have mother/daughter outings like this!

It was a wonderful blessing and something I needed desperately and I'm so thankful Sharon thought to invite us all.


Margie said...

Sounds like so much fun! The hotel looks like it is beautiful. Glad you had some fun girly time with your friends :)

Lena Brandenburg said...

It does sound like fun...great photos! :)