Friday, January 05, 2007

Biggest Loser Update

Only one week left! I'm so excited to push myself one more week and then I move on to maintance! Wohoo so exciting. I have really enjoyed the challenge and adding some new things to my exercise routine... including running and not on the elliptical. They have allowed me to stay a part of the boards and I'm really looking forward to cheering on my current (and new) team members. I think this board is just fantastic in promoting healthy lifestyles.. not just quick weight-loss. Yesterday we had 5 (10 minutes) challenges and it was so fun to see how much I'd improved. For some things (like curls and squats) I came close to doing almost 1 per second for 10 minutes straight! I haven't lost as much as I thought I would but I have lost a lot of inches and that's ultimately the most important thing to me.

As I mentioned before I started running and as of today... I'll be running the 10K for the Standard Charter Marathon!!! I am STOKED!!!! I've been having some problems with registration but today it was confirmed! WOHOOOOOO! Can you tell I'm excited! The only bummer is that I can't totally relax while I'm home... I'll have to keep running but that's okay. This was just the extra motivation I needed this week. YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Watch out HK here comes Melissa! LOL

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