Monday, July 10, 2006

Rainy walk, new flat and giggles


Our morning walk didn't go so well today. LOL We walked about 15ft and the rain began so we turned around. Just a few seconds later it stopped so I decided (don't know what I was thinking... it is HK) to turn around and keep walking. We walked to the end of the Harbour Plaza Hotel and turned around to come back and the clouds opened up. By the time we reached our building we were SOAKED! The gaurd just laughed at us but you know what... it was still great. I loved being out and I just love watching Isabella take everything in. Her eyes just go from one thing to the next... she checks everyone out, listens to them talking, smiles, and begs for some Pocky. I've decided that I MUST find her some rain boots so when days like this happen... we don't have to turn around but rather we can play in the rain.

We both came home and took a long nap before Mike and I reassembled our flat. LOL We've been desperately cleaning, throwing away things, and re-arranging furniture since we found out that we won't be moving. We really want the place to be more welcoming and more spacious and it's actually been quite fun. It felt like we had moved in all over again. Now I just have to find a large painting to put in the living room and some more frames to hang all these pictures I have.

Tomorrow we're hoping to have two of our youth over and that should be fun... I'm hoping that maybe Ben will do a little painting for me too. He made us a large poster of a scripture verse and hung it in our flat before we arrived (and it was so pretty) and I"m hoping he'll paint 'As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord' over our big window.

So only 3 more sleeps (well for Isabella anyway... we get to see them sooner) before Grandpa and Grandma are here!!!!!!!!!

Oh and... I had my 1st real sandwich here in HK! It was marvalous! Lunch meat is not common here and to get the good stuff you have to shell out the money... the same with cheese but a grocery store nearby just re-opened and we decided to treat ourselves to the incredible meat and cheese section they had. So I had a turkey sandwich with swiss cheese! And we got enought that I can have a few more before the weeks over! Yeah... it really is the little things that make me smile.

Isabella just starting giggling while playing by herself and it's so adorable. Mike and I were cleaning and all of a sudden I heard this sweet little giggle and there was Isabella sitting on our widow sill, playing with one of her books, just giggling away. Talk about a sweet noise to listen too.

You know.. nothing major happened today but I really felt God's blessings in some of the littlest things that happened. I pray that I can always be sensitive to Him at work, in the big and little things and that I will give Him the praise rather than taking it myself.


Leah said...

What a precious little girl you have! I have a little guy who's just over a year old now. We love him! I see you are a scrapper too! I loooove your pages. You are so talented! I am so behind on scrapbooking it's overwhelming!
Oh! And I found your site through CWO. =)

Banana said...

Hey Melissa! How are you doing? I love reading your pages, and I can't wait until I'll be "on the other side of the page"! I was wondering if you had come up w/ that list of things you want me to bring over for you guys...Jenny and Peggy both said they would be willing to help me get stuff if you had a list...I love you!