Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Photo Catch Up

Yeah... blogger is allowing photos. So I have a bit of catching up to do. Here are some pictures from our trip to the Kowloon Walled City yesterday. A great family photo taken by Dad and a picture of some of the actual remains of this city. This park is incredible and a lot of fun to just walk around.

After our farewell dinner with the Bishops, we hopped onto the KCR to head home. This is when Isabella hit her 'crazy' overly tired yet hyped on sugar time. Amazingly... here she is sitting patiently on the KCR. Mind you, this only lasted long enough to take the photo.

Patiently waiting on the KCR

And here she is making faces. She's just recently started sticking out her tongue and this is her attempt.
During her very giggly, squirmy moment

Daddy was the one to entertain on this ride home... I think he did a great job... what about you?
Sweet Father/Daughter Moment

Now today was a busier day. Mom and I went to the wet market to pick up some flowers, to the fruit/veggie market for the obvious and to park n' shop for laundry detergent. We came home, had lunch, and headed out to the pool. Isabella had a BLAST! I've never seen her enjoy the pool as much as she did today. She walked straight in and as far as she could before the water covered her head, from one pool to the other, and spent time talking to the lifeguard. She really had a great time and cried when it was time to go. Unfortunately, I forgot my camera but I'm sure we'll head over there again before Grandma and Grandpa leave. This evening we headed to the night market and what fun we had. Mom is a great bargain-er and walked away with some very pretty things. I used my birthday money to get a Chinese painting and Dad and Mike just walked shaking their heads. LOL It's always fun to see what they have (it always seems to change) and of course it's fun to try and get the best deal. Now we're all pooped and ready for bed. Here's a picture of us at the beginning of the market. I should've taken one at the end too (we all looked a bit different)! LOL

Here we are at the night market... getting ready to shop.

One more fun picture to share. Here is Isabella in her new Chinese style PJ's, standing on her toes. I don't know exactly why but this photo just really caught my eye and I LOVE it. My little doll baby.

Just love this pic of my Izzy on her toes in her new Chinese pj's!

Don't know what's in store for tomorrow but I know it'll be great. How could it not... I've got family here!

I have decided not to enter the Memory Maker Masters (scrapping) contest. I decided the cost of printing and shipping is not worth it even if I got published in a magazine. The reason why I scrap is not to become 'known', it's because I want to create memories that will last forever and will allow my daughter to know what life was like for her before she could remember. I am thankful that I considered it though because I got some amazing layouts to show for it and I'm thrilled to be able to share them. Here is one of my favorites... (isn't she just a doll?)

I was going to try and keep this short but part of my reasoning for blogging is that it's a way for me to journal my thoughts and 'think' through what I'm learning and well... I'm continuing to learn so I better keep writing.

The first lesson in my book is titled 'Revival--Who needs it?'

The type of revival it's talking about is for God's people, those who by faith in Jesus have received salvation. A revival of our spiritual lives... and you know what... it's not just for those who have obviously walked away from the Lord. I'm sure most of us at some point in our lives have grown stagnant in our spiritual lives and what better time than this to return to our first love.

The first memory verse is:
Hosea 10:12 "Break up your fallow ground, for it is time to see the LORD, till He comes and rains righteousness on you."

This verse is scary to me because it means that I need to search my heart and search hard. I need to be aware of my sin and deal with it and not just with God but those I may have sinned against. And you know what... that's hard! Facing sin is embarrassing and difficult because as I said the other day... sometimes it's just easier to live in sin then to deal with it because it takes work. And then of course there is pride and it so easily steps into our lives and says, "Well I had the right to do this or I was right to begin with, or even well... they won't know that I did this so why apologize." But how can we know God to the fullest or experience incredible revival if we just say 'that issue isn't that big of a deal or I don't really struggle with that, etc... Get my drift? We need to be honest. Honest with ourselves, honest with God and honest with others. Yes it's scary but I believe if you open yourself up to God's working in your life... you'll experience such freedom, such joy, and purpose in your life. So here I go... ready to experience a personal revival in my own spiritual life. I don't doubt it'll be difficult and that I'll have to deal with some personal issues but I believe I will be stronger in the end and have a deeper understanding of God.

Praying that you may consider joining me in this revival!

BTW... to my anonymous commenter... just want you to know that I appreciated your comment and that I'm praying for you. I may not know who you are but God does and that's all that matters. Blessings to you today!


emily said...

Thanks for the update Melissa; it was fun to see all the pictures!!! I'm definitely up for personal revival too...I need a new song!!! I'll be praying for you :) and I know you'll do the same for me!!! I'm sorry I've been MIA recently; we need to reconnect via our looooooooooong emails!!!

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