Thursday, July 27, 2006

Yeah it's working!

Well finally! I've been trying to blog for days but our internet has been going crazy. So much to catch up on... so you might want to grab your cup of coffee and a comfy seat. LOL

What We've Been Up To

Friday--I finally got my hair cut! Mike and I left early morning for my appointment and afterwards had breakfast at Cafe O's before meeting Mom, Dad and Isabella. Then we headed off to Stanley market for shopping and dinner. We tried a new restaurant and was quite pleased. The service, price and view were all excellent. It was a great shopping day as well. I believe Mom got about all she was looking for (and even got them to bargain with her) and I got myself a skirt and a HK t-shirt for my niece. When I talked to her on my birthday she shared how she was currently wearing her HK shirt but that it was getting too small and had a few holes in it. So when I hinted at buying her a new one she precisely said... "I wear a size 5T." LOL

This is the beginning of Stanely Market

Saturday--Thursday and Friday were busy and long walking days so everyone was pretty tired on today. So we just stayed in and rested our weary bodies.

Sunday--Mom shared with the 2/3 year olds this morning and it was such a blessing. She brought foam hats for them to decorate with stickers and our memory verse. The hats were a bit hit. After church we had dinner with Pastor Ed and Sharon at Harbour Plaza Buffet and that evening Mike and I went on a date! We decided to go see Superman Returns and I was pleastantly suprised. I'm not big into superhero movies and actually really didn't want to see the movie but we are very limited and Mike really wanted to see this so that's what we decided on. Anyway... I loved it! I was really impressed with the music and special effects however, the plane scene was a little too realistic for me.

Monday--Mark and Isabella Taylor (and their girls) invited us for lunch in Sai Kung today. They live in one of the most beautiful areas of HK and had planned on taking us out on a boat to see some of the outlaying islands but it was rainy. We still enjoyed a HUGE lunch and the fellowship afterwards.

Tuesday--Today was 'last minute sights' day. We went to the Jade Market and made one last trip to Fa Yuen St Market for some pillows. Mom bargained really well and got an incredible deal on some beautiful Jade jewelry and some chinese pillows and I even got a free tissue box cover. LOL We had french bread pizzas (delish!) for dinner and Stewart joined us. He's such a fun guy with so many stories! The big story that awed me this time was climbing Mt. Fuji.

Wednesday--This was the day we all dreaded.. saying good-bye. Mom and Dad flew out about 4pm so we were able to enjoy a good bit of the day together. It always stinks saying good-bye but we are very grateful that they were able to visit.

Something that I realized as we got on the Airport Express Train was that I was able to enjoy every single minute with them without dwelling on the fact that they would have to return to the states. This is something that I've struggled with since moving to AL (so about 5yrs) and quite an issue of mine. I would literally dwell on leaving the minute I arrived to visit. I was horrible with good-byes and would struggle the first few days after leaving my family. I could tell that God had been working in my life in Feb when the good-byes went a bit easier but I knew on Wed that God had freed me from this struggle. Yes, I had moments where I was sad they would have to leave in a few days but NOTHING like I've ever experienced in the past. What a release for me! Praise God!

So now it's Thursday and time to say good-bye again. This time to Chris and Athania (fellow Youth Pastor and Wife). We've really enjoyed getting to know them this past year and will miss them as they return to the states for Seminary but one awesome thing is that Athania is from HK so we will definately see them again! They took us to an incredible restaurant for Dim Sum and I think it's the best Chinese food I've had since moving. We were so bummed we didn't know about this place before Mom and Dad came but we definately put it on the list for the next visit. It was great!

After saying good-bye we headed off to the Dr's. Isabella caught what we thought was a cold but she hadn't improved so we thought it was time to see the Dr. Turns out she had tonsilitis (sp?). So once again... she's on an anitbiotic, running nose, sputum, bronchial, and anti-flammatory meds plus her normal singulair. Bless her little heart but I praise God that she takes the medicine wonderfully.

It's so strange not having plans or other people to talk to after two weeks of family and fun. I guess it's time to get back into our normal routine (if there really is one. lol)

I've been learning a lot about photoshop over the past few days so be on the lookout (well those of you who are fellow digiscrappers) for some new designs! LOL However, this the latest wordart I've created for Liddys Loft.

Remember that contest I was going to enter? Well... here is one of the lo's that I made for it. I just love how it turned out... simple but elegant and not too girly... at least I think so. LOL

Meredith Fenwick's Personality Collection & the '&' is from Andrea Burns Lucky Boy


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