Thursday, July 06, 2006

Special Moments

I got into bed last night thinking... 'Man, If my blog is to be a journal for me to remember the special things that happened each day... I missed a lot in the past two days. So what did I write and why did I write it?' So for probably the next 30 minutes or so, I just laid there thinking of what I wanted to make sure I wrote tonight. I don't know if that's a sign of spending too much time on the computer or just a desire to remember everything. LOL


Since before Isabella was born, I wanted to include special things in our daily lives. I wanted to do the usual things like make sure we prayed together, read books, and sing but I also wanted to include some different things that would leave special memories (at least for me until she can remember them... lol). Like Wednesdays... Mike's gone a majority of the day so I wanted Wednesday's to be Mommy and Izzy days and so I've always tried to do something that would get us out of the flat and have fun. For awhile we had 'tea' time about 3 pm until the biscuits Isabella ate got her so messy that I pretty much had to bathe her before Daddy got home. I want to get back into this because it was fun and I just found some vanilla wafer type cookies that will work great. But I've been drawing a blank lately and have really wanted to include something fun... and then Daddy came to the rescue! When John and Sarah were here and he got up with Isabella he would take her on a walk because she's not very energetic at 6am... again why I'm not why sure she wakes up then. LOL Anyway... they had a great time and I thought it would be fun to have a morning walk with her. So Tuesday when she got up, we took a walk. We walked along the harbour and watched all the people doing their Tai Chi exercises and were running. It was really quite enjoyable despite the time. It was calm and quiet and not so warm that we were sweating immediately. We walked for about 45 minutes and came home to play a little inside before nap time. Now... if I can just get my butt out of bed everyday to do that. Maybe I should make that my next 21 day challenge! LOL

Yesterday, Isabella discovered her belly button
yeah it's blurry but this girl moves non-stop!

and I had a blast watching her walk around the flat lifting her shirt and playing with it. It was so precious. I was exhausted when she woke up so we took a late morning walk which turned out to be a lot of fun. We walked along the harbour to Mike's office and she loved the freedom to explore since we weren't in any hurry. We stopped at Pacific Coffee and picked up some Chillinos before stopping to see Mike and Auntie Dorie. It was just so fun and relaxing to be outside, just enjoying each others company. We planned to go swimming but once she woke up from her nap it was raining so we put it off for another day. I think we all still have a bit of this stomach bug so I spent a good hour or so just holding Isabella. I could tell she was in pain because one minute she would be giggling up a storm and the next crying out. Thankfully after resting a bit she was good to go and once again kept me on my toes.

Today we originally planned on going to Macau but at the last minute we decided against it. It turned out again (we did the same thing on Monday) to be the right decision. Isabella went down for a nap around 8:30 and Mike and I joined her shortly thereafter but Izzy and I didn't get up until 11 and Mike even later! I couldn't believe it. We took a family walk later in the afternoon and let Izzy ride (or push as she often chooses to do) her bike and it was so fun. I just loved taking a walk and letting her play as a family. I definitely enjoy doing these things with her but it's so much better when Mike can join us.

Mike and I have spent a lot of time lately saying how grown up Izzy looks... not a baby anymore... definitely toddler although still with no hair. lol She just brings so much joy into our home. She's into giving kisses these days... wide open mouth kisses. LOL It's so sweet and she has a few stuffed animals that she kisses everyday. I've been working with her to blow kisses and today she finally did it. I was so excited. She's also really gotten into playing ball and is pretty darn good at catching it. Must take after her mother... ha ha. Her biggest thing and has been for awhile now is talking on the phone. Anything becomes a phone as she puts it to her ear and says, 'Hello.' I've also been working with her on saying please and thank you in sign language. Unfortunately... no success there. :) Just a lot of grunting.

Mom and Dad Rose are coming next week and we are so excited! It will be so great to have family around for a few weeks and I think we're going to try and attempt a Disney World trip while they're here. Isabella may not remember it but I will and I think it would be a special memory. Hope the in-laws agree... :)

I've gotten back into my workout routine and it's been great. I just love Tae Bo and for my birthday I got the newest videos 'the Elite Bootcamp series' and I just can't wait to try them out.

Oh yeah... how could I forget... I'm a guest Creative Team member for Meredith Fenwick this month and I couldn't be more excited! She has incredible designs and I have been having a blast working with her kits. Be on the look out for some layouts!

And speaking of designing... Mike made this ad for our local newspaper. Didn't he do just an amazing job?????

Okay... this post is long enough. Maybe I'll get to bed a bit earlier tonight! LOL

One last photo... the things you do for a laugh.

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