Thursday, July 13, 2006

~Sweet Treats~

I think it's safe to say that Isabella is enjoying her time with Grandma and Grandpa... wouldn't you agree?

They arrived safely last evening... a 1/2 hour early! We expected a late night so Isabella and I stayed home so that Izzy could get a good nights sleep and be ready to entertain but with the early arrival she was able to stay awake and greet them at the door. She was a little hesitant but only until Grandma opened up the suitcase and she found lots of toys. Today, however, was a completely different story as you can see in the picture above... she had a blast playing her heart out and entertaining them.

Jet lag hit harder than expected so we kept today pretty low key... although we introduced them to a few aspect of our lives here in HK pretty quickly. We had lunch at my favorite Thai restaurant and dinner at my favorite dumpling place and they got to experience the heat of HK. Mike wanted me to have all my favorites on my birthday so this was quite a treat although I think I gained about 10lbs in one day. LOL

And check this out... Mike's first digi-scrapping page! How awesome is he???!!!!

It was a special day... having my family together for my birthday was all I could've asked for but I ended up with some pretty sweet presents. Some paper scrapping supplies, two books, some bath and body works lotion, a necklace, a sweet HK christians t-shirt, and a really cool decorative pillow from my SIL. My parents and aunt/uncle sent me some money so I'm excited to do some shopping at the markets, and my niece surprised me with a phone call and talking for 30 minutes!

Another thing that made my day was I got my first paycheck from selling my designs and it was much bigger than I anticipated! I was so excited! A lot of my elements haven't made it into the store yet so I wasn't expecting anything so it was a great surprise!

So the two books I got are Seeking Him and Captivating and I'm dying to dig into them... just trying to figure out which one first. I may request an hour at the pool just to read... haven't done that since well before Izzy.

Tomorow begins some exploring... that's if the rain will allow but I'm anxious to show them a bit more of our lives here in HK. First stop... market shopping. Isabella has outgrown the majority of her sleepers so I need to pick up a few more. Whats great is that they're about 1 to 2 US dollars here!

Well... my brain is not working so off to bed. Have a blessed day everyone!

Just a quick photo before dinner

On our walk home.. just love this photo.

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MamaKimberly said...

what a great set of pics!!! I am so missing HK now!