Saturday, July 15, 2006


Sequined Paperclips... in 13 different colors

Here's my latest design for Liddys Loft... actually I have several new items in the boutique but this is the latest thing I created... not everything made it into the shop at the same time. I taught myself a lot this evening and I'm so excited to get busy designing some new elements.

Today I took Mom and Dad to Fa Yuen street market to show them the most populated part of HK and in hopes of picking up some new sleepers for Isabella. Unfortunately... my stall didn't have any but we found some other types of pj's for her and I got myself some cherries! I just love them but they're just as expensive here as they are in the states but fruit is always cheaper at the markets and so I picked up a lb as a special treat. Wow... talk about a long run on sentence! lol

We came back and everyone napped. The heat just wears you out and it has been SOOO hot and humid the past few days that Mom said she would never again say that Dover is hot. LOL When Isabella woke up, Grandma and me took her outside to blow some bubbles and slide. It was fun to see Isabella's excitement as she came down the slide. This is something that she's just recently figured out how to do on her own and I can just see the love of freedom in her eyes. We had a wonderful dinner and enjoyed watching MI3 for like the 3rd (well for me) time. I love that movie... so intense.

I skimmed my books today and came across a list of questions to ask yourself to see if you struggle with pride. My heart just ached to see that I had to answer 'yes' to some of those questions. I've always tried really hard not to be prideful and to put others before me but recently I have really been struggling in some areas. I never realized that most of these struggles were based upon my pride. I'm thankful that God pointed this out to me! Now... I can ask forgiveness and allow God to work in these areas.

I've decided that I'm going to start with this book first. It's called 'Seeking Him' and it's a 12 week study on personal revival with 5 daily sessions to work through. I've also decided that I'm going to blog about each session so that I will concentrate harder on the material and allow my brain to soak in all that I'm learning. So... if a week goes by and I haven't posted at least 5 times about it... feel free to leave a comment and ask why! LOL

Well... I don't know what tomorrow holds. Mike's not feeling well and it's supposed to rain. Maybe we'll just hang low and swim.

Have a blessed day... my faithful readers!

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MamaKimberly said...

those are super cute! :)