Wednesday, October 21, 2009

NOV 11

My appointment went quite well today. Gained less than a 1lb! One nurse remembered me from before (couldn't believe this!). The Dr was awesome and while warning me about the concerns of a VBAC she was all for it and didn't see any problems with me trying for one. Her only concern was Isaiah's weight and keeping an eye on this baby. She set an appointment for a 20wk ultrasound on Nov 11th!!!

The only problem is that I won't get the scan at the clinic but at the x-ray department. Which means that I'll have the scan and then will have to come back to the clinic a week later to get the results. So not sure if that means we will be able to find out the sex or not.

Got some shopping done for Friday night and our Tuesday costume party but ended up getting sick on the bus ride home. Did not make for a fun evening for myself and the kids as I was cranky and not fun to play with. I hate it when I feel this way and even more so when I lose my patience because I don't feel well. Something I really need to work on.

So because today was my appt (and I won't be weighed for another 6wks), I treated myself to a nice Oreo Cheesecake dessert and now I'm heading to bed.

Thanks for your prayers! I didn't have to push very hard to get my scan!

Please continue to pray for Mike as he finalizes details for this weekend and as they go. Please continue to pray for Izzy's health (she is improving and will go back to school tomorrow) and for my Dad. Also, this Friday night we're doing a special prayer labyrinth type event. Please pray all the details come together and it goes well.

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