Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Cooking With Vivian

We had a great time and great turn-out this afternoon at Mom Time! Approx 10 moms and who knows how many kids! It was crazy and chaotic but lots of fun. Vivian taught us all how to cook Indian Chicken Curry and we all walked home with dinner! It was great! We had several new moms join us as well. It was really fun to chat (as much as we could between cooking) and see everyone. It seems like it has been forever. I'm still praying about how to best approach this group as I really want Christ to be glorified in what we do so I would greatly appreciate your prayers as well. We'll be hosting a costume party on the 27th, where we'll play games, share snacks, and I hope to read 'The Pumpkin Parable.' I know things often get lost in translation among the non-native English speakers so I just pray that the idea of God's love would be clear and that Vivian and I can be an example of that.

I totally forgot about my camera until the end but managed to get a few pics... this is our main table...
the curry pots cooking away
Junko cooking
we also did a brief eggplant marina pasta sauce
the delicious curry... doesn't necessarily look pretty but it's yummy
chatting as we finish up
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