Monday, November 09, 2009

20 Weeks

Just because he's so cute....

20 weeks
though I'm INCREDIBLY grateful, it is hard to believe that I'm already at the half-way point of this pregnancy. As everyone says, "I guess that's what happens when you've already got children... you don't have time to focus on every little detail as you did with your first." In comparison, it has been a pretty easy pregnancy this go around and I'm quite grateful. I always felt like I didn't have a normal pregnancy, one that I could really enjoy, with planning to move across the world with Izzy and being sick with Isaiah... but I've learned and accepted, that I just don't enjoy this process. It's amazing how God created us and I really don't understand how anyone could deny Him if they really read/experienced pregnancy/giving birth but I enjoy two things while I'm pregnant.... 1. Announcing that I am and 2. getting the sweet baby at the end. (haha)

This past month has been a bit more challenging for me as I've had two occasions of almost passing out (luckily, I've got great friends who saved me just in time). I suffered this quite a bit with Isaiah and asked our Dr if there was anything I could do to prevent. Unfortunately, my blood pressure and iron are all normal so she said that I would just have to learn my limits. The problem lies in that when I'm standing in one place for just a few minutes is when I have problems and I end up doing that when I'm waiting for buses, teaching, etc... I've also had a few days that I've just needed to sleep a good chunk of the day or had to run to the loo.

But overall, I still feel pretty great. I'm still running and exercising which makes me feel better about the weight that keeps coming. I'm not having much problem sleeping and the weather is somewhat cooling down which makes life overall more comfortable.

There's no hiding the belly now but apparently I've been visibly pregnant for quite some time.... you must learn to appreciate the 'obvious' comments that you get here.

Izzy still insists it's a girl and I pray that we'll find out on Wednesday. I've been hearing mixed opinions on what the Public Hospitals will do so we'll just wait as see. Izzy has also asked to see the baby on the computer so I'm debating whether or not to take her with me. It could be a long time of just sitting.

We're narrowing down names but I must say this time it has seemed much easier to agree on names so hopefully, if we find out the sex on Wed, we'll be able to give it a name as well.

So here's to 20 more weeks! Can't imagine what that picture will look like! :)

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