Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Magical Day

Our Magical Day
Isaiah was okay with Mickey as long as Daddy was holding him

On her favorite ride... the spaceships
Isaiah enjoyed pushing the buttons
Since we moved here I've been wanting to get pictures of the random cows that we find... this was mid afternoon as Izzy and I were waiting for the bus
there were quite a few of them but by the time I got my camera out several had already climbed down the hill
Izzy in her new dress from Papa and Grandma... she loves it and loves the pockets

Just got one of those dreaded phone calls from my mom... my Uncle passed away Friday night. Had a heart attack while he was driving home. This was quite a surprising one and I never know what to say to my family when this happens and I'm so far away. Please pray for my Dad (it was his brother and one that he spent a lot of time with) and for his family. The brothers are to play a polka at the funeral which I think is a really fun idea.

Also, tomorrow is my appointment at the hospital. Please pray that they will set up an appointment for a 20wk ish ultrasound and that if they don't, I will push to get one.

This weekend Mike heads to China with a group from the International School. Please pray for him and their time there.

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