Thursday, October 08, 2009


I finally got a video of Buddy walking! Up until today, the only thing we could get him to walk to was a basketball. Today however... the pool worked too.

And yesterday while in the playroom, Isabella wanted to make some videos of her singing some songs. They were all made up (Chinese) songs but I did manage to get her to sing the 'Once I caught a fish alive' song.

I did forget to mention about my appt on Tues. It went well... no major comments about my weight but I know I need to keep exercising. The only comment about the baby was that it had a fast heartbeat. Then the Dr told me I needed to tell the hospital (when in labor) that I need to be on antibiotics... like I'm really going to remember that. Well I guess I need to write that down because I KNOW I'll forget. That was the extent of my appt... same ole, same ole.... not personable but when you have 90 some women coming for an appt between the hours of 2-5, how can they be?

Tomorrow is Mike's big appt with the specialist, please continue to pray for answers
Saturday begins the Sai Kung small group, please pray it goes well!

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Rachel Benz said...

Praying for all of you! THe kids are precious, and I don't think I have seen anything more precious than Isaiah walking around and then hammering the ground randomly...