Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Just an ordinary day....

What a gorgeous day we had today... perfect in the shade but man once you sat in the sun, it warmed up quickly. I went for a run today (still running on the treadmill because I can take my glasses off... still haven't gotten a string to keep my glasses on my sweaty face) and it was awesome! It felt so great and it made me reconsider running in the Disney 10K. I've run one of the races for the past two years it's existed and I hate to miss it so I'm going to try and complete it. I know I'll be pretty slow but the course is beautiful and the money goes for a great cause... it goes towards children in need, specifically (at least I think that's the same for this year) the children who suffered in the Sichuan Earthquake. If anyone is interested in supporting me in this race (all money goes directly to unicef) please drop me a comment and I'll let you know how it works.

We all headed in to pick up Izzy from school and then had lunch at McD's. It's becoming a Wednesday tradition but it was the perfect day to do it. We headed to the park afterwards but the slides and even swings were too hot to enjoy ourselves for too long. It was however GREAT for Isaiah and his walking. Because he couldn't crawl without hurting his hands, he walked quite a bit by himself and then quite a bit more while I held one of his hands. It was so cute!

We headed home, rested, rode bikes and let Isaiah walk a bit outside and then went over to the playroom until dinner time. Isabella has become so creative in her play. We played Dr's and boats/fish and sang lots of interesting made up songs.

I forgot to write in my update that Mike has his Specialist appt this Friday and our new Sai Kung small group begins this Saturday. So please be in prayer for both of these things. We're praying for some solid answers for Mike on Friday.

I'd mentioned that I dyed my hair and had it straightened for the night... here is what it looked like. I'm considering trying a straightening treatment for 3 months just for something different but who knows... I"m a bit worried that it will somehow affect my curls. But we'll see... thought I might do it when Princess Lily Bob is about to arrive so it's one less thing I have to worry about in the mornings. :)

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