Monday, May 28, 2007

Count your blessings... name them 1 by 1

I'm sitting here watching lightning flash out the window... it's rainy season and over the past few days there has been some amazing storms. Some may think I'm crazy but I love a good thunderstorm or rainshower though I must admit it's a bit freaky to be so high up and see things a bit more clearly/close up. Yesterday I was visiting the twins and within seconds... we were among the clouds.. couldn't see a thing. It was really cool.

I've got so many started blog entries but since we didn't have internet and I couldn't post them right away... I slacked in finishing them and now I don't remember what all I wanted to write.

It's been an amazing week of blessings this past week. In my previous post, I shared what a great Bible study we had last Tues night and how open people seemed to be in sharing requests. Some things I asked for prayer were.. Isabella's sleeping and eating habits, Adelina and the twins, and meeting some moms in the area. And I was humbled by how graciously God answered every single one of those requests. There is a 'How to raise your children in HK' website where I go on occassion to find potential playgroups or other questions I may have and when we moved I posted a 'Do you live in Ma On Shan' thread. This past Wed, I received an email (and not totally sure how she got my email but that's okay) from a Mom who lives in MOS and through our disucssion we realized that we live just 5 buildings away... in the same complex. We had a holiday last week so we decided to meet this week. What a HUGE answer to prayer!!! Isabella on Wed ate the most I had ever seen her eat at one meal time and her sleeping habits have greatly improved. Wed morning... the twins were born and everyone is doing well. On top of that, I've been trying to get one of my friends to attend church and she called to say... 'Can I come this Sunday?' WOW!!!!! I was on cloud nine for the week. It was simply amazing and top it off, I emailed the ladies group to thank them for their prayers and three other ladies replied with how God had answered their prayers too. What an amazing week of seeing God at work... a real 'faith booster' as Lori said.

We're still finishing up putting together our flat but it's looking good and we can see the floors. We couldn't have asked for a better place to live. I absolutley love it here and Isabella is doing great with the lengthened travel time.

Off to read...

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