Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Who knew?

That I would enjoy waking at 6am.... let alone waking at 6 to run? With our move just days away, I realized that my running options were slimming down. No longer can I count on Mike to come home at lunch so I can get in a quick run and in reality... the heat has arrived and there's no way I'm going to run in the middle of the afternoon anyway and I can only do so many miles on a treadmill before getting bored. So... on Sunday night I made the decision to get up at 6 to get in my run. In my mind I thought, 'well if I get out the door quickly and run for an hour, then I should be able to jump back into bed for another 1/2hr maybe hour before Izzy wakes.' So far no luck but that's because I've done something stupid each morning that's caused me not to actually get outside until at least 6:15 and by the time I get home... Izzy's been up. It's okay though. I feel great and I'm sure after adjusting to this for a bit, I won't get drowsy during the day. I've even been a good girl and gone to bed early. I'm pretty proud of myself because well mornings are just NOT my thing but I do love knowing that by the time a lot of people get up.. I've already put in a few miles and I can enjoy the day... hey, I can even nap while Izzy does if I want. LOL

Life has simply been crazy in attempts to move this weekend. Packing a bit here and there.. hanging out at the new flat while Mike and some friends paint (oh my goodness... wait to you see the handiwork of Mike and ryan!!!! It's gorgeous!!! I'm so stoked about the paint jobs!) trying to do some last minute, very easy things to do while we're still here and spending time with friends that I'm not sure how often I'll see after the move. I forgot all about national scrapbooking day and at the last minute threw my items on sale and I feel awful because I feel like I'm letting my store owner down. But hopefully within the next week things will go back to a normal schedule. I did decide to make scripture quotes for an ABC book and here's the letter...'B'.

Other than that not too much has been going on... I haven't been able to read in days so I'm hoping maybe tonight to pick up a new book. But enough rambling for now...

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