Thursday, May 10, 2007

I've been a bit slow in finishing my 'A Heart Like His' study but I really want to take in what I'm reading instead of just crossing it off a list of things to do. So anyway... last night I was reading and I just love these statements from Beth Moore:

'I think one reason David remained a man after God's own heart was his unwillingness to turn from God, even when he felt negative emotions. David allowed his anger and fear to motivate him to seek more insight into the heart of God.'

I loved the word 'unwillingness.' It just spoke volumes to me. We're currently studying 2 Sam 6 (the death of Uzzah) and it talks about how angry, confused and hurt David was by what had happened but he didn't react by turning his back on God (like how sometimes we chose to do when something doesn't go our way) it wasn't even a thought of his... he was unwilling to turn from God... but rather he waited, he studied, he listened to God... and through all that he ended up deepening his realtionship and learning so much more about God.

I think sometimes in my life, when things don't go the way I had hope they will, I can honestly put trust in God that He has a plan, He knows what He's doing, etc... but I can't honestly say that every time I go and study/seek more insight into the heart of God. I just 'assume' the basics and move on. But I've been challenged on numerous occassions this year to seek a deeper truth and I've made it a goal to search/seek God, rather than others for answers. I want to understand the heart of God like David... I want to be 'a woman after God's own heart' and I believe that the only way to become like that is to truly seek God with all my heart for wisdom, truth, guidance, etc... rather than just depend on others to tell/teach me.

Beth Moore ends the chapter with this...

David may not have understood more about Uzzahs' death, but he understood more about God, which made his loss more tolerable. God is not harsh; He is holy. He is not selfish; He is sovereign. He is not unfeeling; He is all-knowing. Like David, we need to come to know Him, and respect Him; and, like David, we will love Him more.

This chapter talks about fearing God... having respect for Him and I'll admit that sometimes that's a hard concept for me to understand when it's more common (at least I think) to hear 'God is your best friend.' So this was a good reminder (a good example) for me because it makes me take His word more seriously, it makes me look at sin in a different way, and it makes me want to please God because He's God... not because He's my friend.

Not sure that'll make sense to anyone else but I don't know how else to explain it. Hopefully months down the road... I'll still understand what I mean. LOL Basically.. it taught me not to take serving/following God lightly... but rather seek Him so that every aspect of my life refects Him and be serious about becoming more like Him.

So anyway... on a much lighter note: we're off to buy Izzy's new bed. Have a great day!

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forgiven4this said...

Wow what a lesson. I love the way Beth puts things, she is amazing. I have never read that one of hers, however, it seems like I need to.
I came across your blog, and that has inspired me alot actually. Thank you so much for sharing this. I desire the same thing to now the heart of God and have a deeper understanding of who he is so that I am then confident in him!

Many Blessings