Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Views from the 29th floor

Today was an absolutely gorgeous day so I had to take some pictures of our new view. We could even see the mountains across the way and CHINA! How cool is that! I had no idea that we would be able to see China... so cool to me. So here they are... the view from our bedroom. Isn't it amazing! We see those mountains from every window in the flat and it makes me feel so not in Hong Kong. LOL We can only see buildings if we are up close, looking out of bedroom window. It's so peacful and I'm daily stunned at the beauty we get to enjoy every day.
This is a more zoomed in view of the mts across the way. We don't always see them.. sad huh but good ole haze and pollution.
If you can see the buildings to the left... to the right of those and before the mts... that's China.

And just because she's so adorable. Here's Isabella watching Veggie Tales. And the bottom one is her goofing around. Her face looks so chubby here! LOL

And speaking of my Izzy... we left for the pool at 8:30am and didn't come back until 11:30am when we were kicked out by the lifegaurds (the pool closes at 11:30.) Isabella was in heaven, floating, jumping, watching the frog. Yeah there was a frog in the pool and it totally grossed me out because I wasn't expecting it and I almost stepped on it. LOL She's growing so much... she now helps me set the table and tidy's up. Her vocab is growing too though she keeps saying 'ee a' after everything and I have no idea why or where it came from. She can finally say 'puppy' (her treasured stuffed dog) and baby.

I'm so proud of myself today... we didn't have Bible study but Mike still gave me the time to myself so I went to the gym and decided to just run as far as I could. I ended up doing about 8+ miles (the treadmill and Nike+ are giving me different numbers)! It was so great... I took a slower pace to build up endurance and I felt wonderful until about 6.5 miles and then my knee started to bother me (it happens with a sudden increase in mileage) but I was determined to hit 8 miles. Two weeks ago, I decided that my approached to building endurance and mileage wasn't working so I printed out Hal Higdon's 1/2 Marathon training guide and it's been awesome! I'm actually a few weeks ahead but I'm praying that by pushing myself... the weeks with much longer runs won't be so intimidating. So anyway... my May challenge is about to end and currently I'm in 17th place. I should be a bit higher but my Nike+ didn't always work. But anyway... I'm so excited and decided to continue this challenge in June in hopes to break the top ten.

I think tomorrow is Izzy's last Little Gym class until fall and then we have playdates set up for the rest of the week. Should be a fun one. Can hardly believe June is almost here!

Have a great day!!!

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