Thursday, May 03, 2007

You're invited!

I'm so excited to share Izzy's invites! I can't belive my baby's turning two... JUST CrAZY but I'm so excited to celebrate with our HK family. Hopefully, most of her little friends can come and enjoy some Elmo fun. A huge thanks to Grandma and Papa for sending some Elmo party supplies... can you believe they don't have anything Elmo here??? LOL

Gotta back up a few days... to Sunday. Map grew up in Mongkok and wanted us girls (Ave, Imelda, Dorie, Hannah and I) to get together as a good-bye to Hannah so she took us on a tour of Mongkok (ie Temple St night market, Ladies market, street food) and to a restaurant that her friend owns. Mike was able to stay home with Izzy and I had such a wonderful night! It was so neat to hear Map tell us about the area and share come culture with us, for her and Dorie (this woman really knows more than she ever lets on... I told her she needed to give me Cantonese lessons. lol) to teach us some Cantonese, and to try lots of new foods. I had fish balls that I actually enjoyed and dumplings on a stick! WOW... those were to die for. I have to take Mike to have some. I thought they were even better than the little hole=in-the-wall restaurant ones. At dinner I had oyster, clams, chicken feet, and some more normal foods but the one thing that I absolutely loved.. .were the clams! Who knew? They were delish!!!! I think I ate half the plate of them. :) I think what I enjoyed most was the fellowship though. I got the opportunity to talk to everyone on a deeper level and it was wonderful. I suggested that we do this once a month and I hope that we will. It was a great way to get to know everyone that you usually only see once a week and it was so fun to have a mix of cultures (we had American, New Zealand, Phillipines and Chinese). That it one of the neatest things about HK... you end up with friends from all over the world.

The other cool thing that has happened is that we've settled on a flat. Mike signs tomorrow and we pretty much start moving in on Saturday. The truck will come on the 12th I believe but we'll take bags out as we can. I cannot wait to set up Izzy's room. We weren't really able to set up much of a nursery since we moved to HK and we just kinda got by with what we had so I've been having a blast deciding how to decorate it. We're going with a loft bed with a tent over it and a play area underneath. It's a bit difficult to explain so you'll just have to wait for pictures. :)

Okay... I'm rambling. I still have much to say but it's not coming to me write now so I'll end with a layout I did today...

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