Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Blonde roots?

Sometimes I really wonder if deep down I have some blonde roots. LOL I went running this evening, actually just went to the gym to do some interval training and to lift so I ran on the treadmill. Sometimes I absolutely love seeing all the numbers and other times they just discourage me and sometimes they just point out how dumb I can be sometimes. hehe

The clock said about forty+ minutes and the distance said about 5 and I was discouraged. I just kept thinking... 'What is wrong with me that it's taking forty+ minutes to run 5K?' I don't think I've ever had that problem but I thought maybe it was because of the intervals I was doing. I never bothered to check my iPod. Anyway... I was feeling pretty good so I decided to run a bit longer to at least cover some more distance since I thought I was moving so slow. When I stopped, I got some water and was checking out my run results and I almost had a heart attack... okay so not really but I was quite pleased. The 5 on the treadmill wasn't kilometres (as I've finally gotten used to this system)... it was miles. :) Duh.... I was about .7 away from running a 10K and I would've run it in about 51 minutes! Wow... that was so encouraging to see my time improving but I was so mad that I didn't realize this in the first place and actually run a full 10K. Oh well... learned my lesson. I actually had to calibrate my Nike+ so I ended up running 10K just not all at the same time. :)

Well... Izzy had a great time with Auntie Dorie as always and now we're trying to get her to sleep. I can't wait until she has her new bed and one that I can't fit in. She's been having troubles staying in her room so I have to lie on the floor for a few minutes (which are turning into about an hr because I keep falling asleep with with her. Ahhhh... she's such a night owl like her momma.

Okay... I need to get to bed. 6am comes early!

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Carolanne said...

People sometimes tell me I must have blond roots too.... Oh well.

Congrats on running 10k - I walk about that much in a week. (now)