Monday, November 16, 2009

Awana Picnic

Last Saturday, Awana held their family picnic at Clear Water Bay Country Park... on what turned out to be quite a windy/chilly day for Hong Kong. It was so nice to bundle up a bit and get outside. We BBQ'd and then had some kite flying contests. Izzy had a really good time and tried really hard to fly a kite but it was so windy that many of the pros were even struggling to keep the kite up and out of the trees. The park was gorgeous and we look forward to going back. Most BBQ areas are along the road without much space but this place had nice BBQ sites and lots of yard to run around too.

Here's Buddy waiting for the Awana crew to arrive

Izzy being Izzy and waiting as well

Mike helping to get the fires started
look at those blue eyes... they just melt your heart
Isabella trying her best to fly a kite

The only negative about this picnic is that it's impossible to keep a hat on Buddy and I he ended up with an ear infection. He didn't quite seem himself Saturday night and Sunday morning before we headed to church and I thought to just stay home... but I didn't want to and I paid for it! :) He was miserable all morning.... tired, runny nose and hurting ear. He wouldn't go to anyway and wouldn't let me put him down at all. He just cried and cried so loud that I couldn't even stay within the school grounds because he would've been heard during the service. So (and of course of all days, I chose to wear heels this week) I ended up walking all around Whampoa for 1.5hrs. He did manage to fall asleep for about 20 minutes and was much happier but still not quite himself. We came home and rested and then went into town for a little walk. The evening was much more enjoyable!

Yesterday was quite a fun day for me... I baked Pumpkin muffins, chili, lunch, went for a run and decorated some more. Today we're just chillin at home ... it's just too windy and chilly to be outside. I'm actually sitting by the heater right now! :)

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