Saturday, November 28, 2009

Thanksgiving Feast

We had a great day today celebrating Thanksgiving with our Hong Kong family. It's fun to introduce people to a new tradition/holiday! Many of our American friends were unable to attend this year, so the majority hanging out at our place today were Filipino. They commented on why I had cooked so much and very few actually ate like a normal American would nor even had dessert. But, we get the benefit of that as we've got LOTS of leftovers! Wohoo!

We had 2 turkeys, homemade stuffing, sweet potatoes, mashed potatoes, veggies, cranberry sauce, oreo turkeys and 5, yes 5 pies and a pumpkin cake. Everything was delicious but even better was the company we had.

One of our Thanksgiving traditions is to share what we are thankful for and as I woke up this morning and thought about last year.... the first words out of my mouth last year were... "I'm SO thankful NOT to be pregnant!" Maybe I shouldn't have been so strong with my words... hehe. But God blesses in amazing ways and I was thrilled to be able to say how thankful I was that this pregnancy has been so fairly easy.

There are a million things to be thankful for if I really sat down to think of them and I need to get back into my habit of "Thankful Journaling" because it's so easy to get into a routine and find myself surviving life rather than living it. But I am so thankful for a God who loves and forgives and teaches and grows... for a God who 'loves me just the way I am but refuses to leave me that way." I'm thankful for an amazing family who supports, prays, loves... even though we're miles a part. I'm thankful for Mike who puts up with my insanity moments and pushes me to be more like Christ. I'm thankful that I have a husband who loves God and is committed to Him. I'm thankful for my sweet babies and the one on the way. I'm thankful that Isabella has a heart of gold and daily teaches me about loving and caring for others. I'm thankful that my boy shares my love of food and teaches me to smile and be joyful. I'm thankful for Princess Lily Bob who has made these past almost 6 months bearable... and allowed me to experience a normal pregnancy. I'm thankful that God has a plan for our lives and therefore I know that Princess Lily Bob was not an accident... that God has something amazing planned for its life. I'm thankful for Joan who helps me to stay sane by taking some of my dreaded homemaking responsibilities but more importantly cares for my kids like her own and allows me to be involved in ministry.

And those are just some of the people in my life.... I could go on and on and considering the past few weeks I've had... I should go on and on but I am teaching Lil K in the morning and I need my energy aka sleep.

It's been a great day and it's always a great reminder to remember the things that God has blessed you with and give thanks for those things. Sometimes it's even good to reflect on the challenges that you've had because God also allows for those things to make us stronger and more focused on Him.

Now we can begin to prepare ourselves for the birth of our Saviour! I'm so excited for Dec 1 because I've got lots of special things I would like to do with Isabella to teach her what Christmas is all about. Just praying that she'll be as excited as me.

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