Monday, November 16, 2009

It's a ...............

going to be SO hard to keep this a secret until Christmas!!! Especially when everyone keeps trying to trick me into it... I have to think so hard about my responses to anything baby related. But it is kinda fun for the moment! We even have a name picked out! I've been praying about the name and it was so cool how this one came and what it means!

But alas... the scan went very well. Princess Lily Bob is growing right on track! So I hope that means no big baby this time. I told the lady about Isaiah and his size and big tummy and she said not to worry that the baby was healthy and normal size. Ultrasounds are just so amazing and they seem even more amazing here in HK because they are SO clear. I could see the spine so clearly and the baby hiding it's face with it's hands and seeing each finger. What a miracle!

I go to see the Dr. this Wednesday for her to explain the scan but the lady who did it, explained everything so clearly I'm not sure what the Dr will tell me. Maybe this appointment will mean I can postpone my clinic appointment a bit longer. I enjoy going to the hospital! They seem more personable!

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