Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Time to Exercise

We had an exciting time with our Moms this afternoon, exercising to Walk Away the Pounds. We had a large group squeezed into a smaller room with 2 of the little ones joining in the exercise... it was fun to see 2yr old Karen walking/kicking, etc. We then moved to the playground and wished Lisa well as she moves this Saturday to France.

Tomorrow's my big scan and I pray I can find out if we have another Princess or Prince on our hands.

Not much to share this evening.... :)

Oh forgot to add.... I got sick on my way to pick up Izzy from school so I decided to take a cab to mom time. When the driver pulled up and saw Izzy and Isaiah, he hopped out of the car and grabbed a plastic bag out of his trunk. It had 2 buses and an airplane toy in it and he proceeded to give them to the kids. I thought he was brilliant to have toys for longer rides and the toys totally entertained the kids the majority of the way there. When we arrived, I paid and handed back the toys and he said, "Oh no, those are for the children. For them to keep." Wow... so thoughtful and it was a great opportunity to talk to Izzy about sharing and giving just because. I was really blown away with his generosity.

I tend to get easily frustrated with people here... mostly because they're either in a rush or just strolling around at the slowest pace possible or because their idea of queuing is different than mine, etc... but I have had many moments when I've been totally surprised by the kindness, generosity and helpfulness of the people you would least expect. It makes me stop to think about what simple things can I do to make someones day a little brighter.

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