Monday, November 30, 2009

Stage 3 at 23 weeks

I'm really grateful that I've been able to stay so active during this pregnancy. It has made such a difference in how I feel both physically and mentally. It was really hard with Isaiah to hear how fat I was and being compared to the Asian ladies.... I know that I'm still not small this time around, nor will I ever be, but I would be surprised to hear many Chinese pregnant ladies say they are still running and hiking so my confidence is much higher this time around and I'm able to enjoy this pregnancy much more.

My legs though, well mostly my calves, have felt like dead weight the past few weeks... I've still been able to run but they just feel tight. So today, I opted for a hike and convinced Mike to come with me. We hiked the beginning of Stage 3 of the MacLehose Trail (where Mike does his 100K hikes each year) and cut out before the last climb where there is a trail that leads right back to our house. It's about 10K and it always frustrates me that I can run a 10K in about an hour but to hike this section it takes 2. But I had a lot of fun and it felt great. The only negative was just shy of the end of the trail, I tripped over a rock and fell. Thankfully, I just went straight down and landed on all fours. My main concern as I was falling was my glasses ... and thankfully they were okay. I cut and bruised my knee but nothing serious and nothing that stopped me for too long.

I was so proud that I didn't have any major problems and was even able to run a bit of the trail, that I treated myself to a calzone at our new Pizza and Sub shop and a gingerbread cookie from Starbucks. So I probably didn't end up burning any calories but it was fun. Just hoping my knee isn't too bruised so I can go for a run tomorrow too.

Here I am at the beginning of the trail... not a very flattering picture but I wanted proof that I at least attempted this hike at 23 weeks. :)

Here I am at the top of the stairs. I survived! I didn't do as bad as I thought I might. I always seem to doubt my abilities, especially when hills are involved so it was a great feeling to reach the top and push on from there.

This is just the last climb to the top... the beginning of this stage is about a full kilometer straight up. They don't do switchbacks in HK so it's straight up but I actually kinda like the challenge.

That was our hike. Afterwards, we met Joan, Izzy and Buddy in town for lunch and grocery shopping. Got myself 2 more shirts for less than 3$ US dollars (to wear while pregnant) and we got two movies to watch this evening.

It's been a fun and very relaxing day.

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