Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Mom Time

We had our weekly Mom Time gathering this afternoon. Today was exercise and we did the 2 mile, walk away the pounds video. It's funny to me that they all really enjoy our exercise times. I don't think many are regular exercisers but they really look forward to this. :) But anyway...

We had 6 moms today, one of which was new. It was great and I praise God that all the moms left their children with the babysitters! This is something I've been praying for... for a long time. In HK, there are a lot of things available to children (play-group activities) but very little (if any) for moms. So our purpose for Mom Time is to invest in the moms. But I think because most ladies don't have family to help, they rarely leave their children with anyone else and insist that their children can't handle it. Obviously... when you're trying to discuss something important and there are kids running around, you don't get very far so I've been praying that these moms would let go for an hour and take that time to invest in themselves. Today, one mom in particular left her child for the first time (i think ever... not just with us)... what a huge step!

Some Moms have asked for some parenting discussions so Vivian and I are going to look into some books, that we can also find in Japanese so all moms can read in their native language, and do a book study as well as the activities. We pray that this will give us more opportunity to deepen relationships and introduce Christianity and the love of God.

On a very silly side note.... Isabella is back to her old 'I'm scared' tactics at bedtime and last week when she'd say this, I would say, 'Well lie down and if you're still scared when I bring buddy to bed, you can come sleep in our room.' Well of course she was conked out way before I put buddy to bed. So tonight she starts and I say it again but this time she sits (without my realizing it) on her chair (next to her bed) saying... 'Mommy, I'm waiting.' I told her she had to be in her bed lying down and so she did but it was too late. She had already willed herself to stay up and Buddy was about ready for bed. So tonight... Izzy's in our room and Mike is doing his 'I told you so' dance. :) Oh well.. at least it's quiet now.

She and Buddy seem to be improving, my eyesight seems a bit better (I could at least tell where the numbers were on the clock at school today) and Mike was quite energized to be able to go back to work if only for a bit. Please continue to pray for healing and answers.

May you have a wonderful day!

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