Monday, February 23, 2009

Health Update

Some of you may not get our family/ministry updates so I decided to post the health update here so you can here what's going on...

I'm sitting here listening to nothing.... it's strange not to hear any cries, any 'Mommy can you put these shoes on her,' no High School Musical singing, etc... Mike has taken Isabella out to get some ice cream and Buddy is asleep. Peace and quiet... so now I can concentrate and write. :)

I just want to Praise God for who He is... He's our comforter, our Peace... and our healer and I'm so thankful that I only have to rely on Him for these things. It's been a trying time in our household... we've been told many times that God does not give you more than you can handle and we do believe that but sometimes it gets us thinking about what He may have instore for us in the future or even questioning His belief in how strong we are. But through it all, we've had God's peace. Well at least I have, maybe I shouldn't speak for Mike, but I'm not worried about Mike, I'm not worried about my vision, I'm not worried that Isabella's asthma is acting up again and that is sounds as though Isaiah is going to suffer the same asthma related issues. I trust that God will work it all out according to His plan and I try to take one day at a time. I know this woudn't be the case if I did not have a personal relationship with God and I'm extremely thankful that He has given me this peace.

I know many of you are concerned and praying for our health issues so I will just update on those things today though we still appreciate all prayers in regards to our ministries.

Mike: The hospital stay calmed things down a little and after spending a week in bed at home resting, he begged for an evening out to a car show (Top Gear) that had been given to him as a Christmas gift. We both knew it probably wasn't the best idea but he it was a gift and he promised to be careful. He had a fabulous time but was a bit tired today. He's discouraged though as all of his meds have greatly been increased but he's only seeing minor improvements. He goes back to Dr Kelly tomorrow and we'll go from there but there's a good chance that he'll have to ask another Dr to re-refer him to have a scope done. I know that he misses being at the office and is nervous about having to take another week off but realistically, we all know that would be best for him. So please pray for wisdom for the Dr's, peace for Mike, and just overall healing.

Melissa: I saw the Dr again this past Tuesday and there was good news and bad. :) The condition of my eyes (the erosion and spots) has not changed yet the vision in my left has returned to what it was before which is great. The vision in my right eye however has not. The Dr seemed a bit concerned about that but he changed my meds a bit and said he'd see me in 10 days. I'll go back this friday and hopefully my eyes will be okay enough to get new glasses. So please pray that my vision will return so I can get the appropriate glasses and please continue to pray that I can adjust to the changes that I may have to face.

Isabella: The weather has gotten the best of her again.... her cough and runny nose has returned. She actually asked to stay home from Awana yesterday so she could 'rest up' (it was so cute) which is so unlike her. And she did, she sat on the couch and in bed and just watched movies. She complained about an earache last night so I'm thankful that Mike needs to go to see Kelly tomorrow as Isabella will go in as well and get all checked out.

Isaiah: The weather has got him as well. He woke up with a fever and runny nose as well. Other than that though, he's doing really well. He's started on solids and throughly enjoys his um..... cereal. :) Well he has enjoyed the bananas.

So that's what we're dealing with at the moment. I'm looking forward, I think we're all looking forward to our visit in April... to be spoiled by time with family and good friends.

Thank you so much for your prayers... we can definitely feel them, usually at our weakest moments too. We hope you all are doing well and feeling as blessed by God as we do.

Serving Him,
Melissa , Mike , Izzy and Isaiah (Buddy)

Mike's Dr appt didn't go as well as we had hoped. Kelly said his stomach will take time and adjusted his meds but she didn't feel that his exhaustion should have anything to do with the stomach issues but she was stumped as to what was causing them. That was not encouraging news to Mike as she threw out some new things.... liver and possible Hepatitis A, a high platelet count, etc... She also insisted on him having a scope done. She did give him permission to work a half-day though which pleased him. :) So please continue to pray for healing and wisdom for the Drs.

The kids have the usual and are on their 300 meds. :)

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