Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Getting Mobile

Isaiah is officially on the move... army style. At dinner, we let him play on the floor while we eat since he doesn't like to be downstairs on his own, I put him down and his computer in front of him (apparently too far away) and instantly he was off like lightning. It was super cute. I put him down this evening to get it on video and he just cried and cried. He was a bit too hungry to care about toys. But I did eventually get it so be on the lookout.

Isabella did great at ballet today. I reminded her to listen to Miss Tina and copy what she does. Don't know if that made a difference but she did much better this week... less watching herself in the mirror. She's still a bit shy in the group and I really feel that part of the reason is because it's all westerners and she's not used to that but who knows.

I'm still trying to get my glasses. But I can see a bit better with my current ones so life is good. The kids are healthy again though Isabella was exhausted today... in bed and asleep by 7:07! Mike seems more life-like though I know he's still struggling but it's always good to see him smile and laugh.

I've got the next two days off and of course it's to rain both days! yuck but oh well... I'm trying to be creative in what I do. I'm actually scrapping tonight which is really fun. I've also decided to try a 21 day challenge to make a habit of exercising. I haven't done much since my half-marathon and I'm feeling sluggish and yucky but I can't seem to motivate myself. So we'll see what happens.

okay... mike's home and i'm ready for sleep.

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