Tuesday, February 17, 2009

What's going on with Mike?

What's wrong with Mike?

That's the question I've heard a lot lately so I thought I'd answer it here. I asked Mike how he'd like me to explain it and he simply said, 'His childhood stomach issues have returned with a vengeance.' He said that sounded a lot cooler. :)

The week before we left for Thailand, we all headed to the Dr's for different issues. Kelly is always very thorough with each of us but especially Mike due to his past. She checked him over and immediately put him on some stomach meds (of which I can't remember at the moment) because she could hear that something was going on with his stomach.

We all had hoped that a holiday would help him to relax and heal but unfortunately, that wasn't the case so upon returning from Thailand, Mike went to the hospital an another Dr friend diagnosed him with peptic ulcers and put him on some more meds. He also referred him to a specialist but Mike wasn't able to get an appointment until March 2010! Gotta love the public health system. :) Though we did receive a letter last week that his appointment was moved up to this June.

These meds seemed to be helping but then life got a bit crazy. We had our family camp and he had a week of late nights. As the case usually is for Mike... after a crazy week, the day he lets down, his body lets down and that's what seemed to happened on Sat. We don't really know if this is the exact reason but it makes sense to us. :)

We came home from Awana and shortly thereafter Mike was in pain. He thought he'd go to bed and sleep it off but by midnight he knew it was pretty serious. He insisted on trying again to sleep it off but Sunday morning he developed a fever and the pain continued to increase. Another Dr insisted that he come to the hospital and he would admit him that afternoon, so at 3:30 he headed out to Prince of Wales. Stewart admitted him, took some blood tests and gave him an IV. He spent the night and on Monday they took more tests. His potassium was low but the other tests seemed to be okay so they sent him home.

He felt better for a few hours but then he just continued to grow worse. Thankfully he had an appointment with Dr Kelly today and I thank God for her and the care she has shown us. She immediately knew that things were not good, took some more tests and gave him lots of meds and orders to rest. It just so happened that our Sr Pastor was there and she even talked to him about making sure Mike rests and not expecting anything from him.

Mike says that his past issues were severe acid reflux, ulcers, etc... to the point that he had holes in his esophagus and stomach that you could put your finger through. I didn't know Mike at that time so this is all new to me to so I apologize if I can't explain it all clearly. I just know I hear a lot of groaning, that he can't eat/sleep, and he lost any color that he got in Thailand. :)

Dr Kelly did a test for pancreatitis today and really wants him to have a scope done but to have a scope we need to get some other people on board with that decision so we'll wait until next Tues (unless of course things get worse before then) when Mike goes back to see Kelly.

I can't thank all of you enough for your prayers. We both are at peace with what's going on ... we just want him to get better. So I'm playing mean/nagging wife and took away his phone, computer for work purposes.. he's still allowed to watch Chuck, and have him camped out in our room. And I'm begging anyone that needs to talk with him about work things to take it through me first... I'm not Mike but I may be able to help. I really, really don't want him doing anything but resting until at least next Tuesday.

So that's the basics. He seems to be in much better spirits this evening and we even saw a few smiles. Please continue to pray for complete healing.


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