Saturday, February 14, 2009

7/11 Hopping

I'm very thankful that the kindergarten that I teach at is a small one where all the teachers get along and spend time together outside of work. I've been invited to several outings that I've not been able to attend so when I was invited to reg's birthday party, I did everything I could to go. She's a very fun/outgoing woman and she wanted a unique party so she planned a 7/11, Circle K, restaurant hopping night. There were at least 20 of us (probably more but I didn't count) and we started at one 7/11 for drinks. Then we went to Jaspas' for appetizers. Then another 7/11 for ice cream. We stopped off at another 7/11 for drinks before heading to a park for pizza. At that point it was about 11:30pm (we started at 7) and I decided to head home. As one friend commented... it was definitely unique and only in Hong Kong. :) It was a fun night and I got to know a lot about the other teachers which was fun. It was very fun to get out without kids and I was happy that Mike was able to join us for the pizza after reload. But as I said before, 'only in HK,' here's another 'only in HK' story....

Our bus schedule changes somewhere between 4:30 and 7pm but I can never remember when so I decided to head down to the bus stop around 8:35. After about 15min of waiting I realized that I missed the bus and I began to stress because I knew I'd be late and I didn't want to have to go searching for the group. At about 6:55 a lady pulls up by the bus stop, rolls down her window and yells, 'Sai Kung?' I said yeah and she said, 'Hop in.' I didn't even think twice, I just hopped in (along with another lady) and she gave us a ride to town. Once I got out I began thinking how crazy that sounds and is in most places is but in HK... it's not, especially in Sai Kung. This is actually the second time this has happened an Mike and I talk all the time about doing the same thing, only we usually can't because with car seats, we just don't have the room. I just thank God that HK is a place that we feel safe enough to do something like that... and of course we are careful about it too.

Today we had Awana and while Izzy was there, I walked around Jusco and found some pre-school skill books. I decided to pick one up as she loves playing school now and doing her homework. And since she's learning Chinese, I realized that I need to work with her on those basic English skills a bit more. Plus I thought it would be great for the plane ride in April and something to keep her going since she'll be missing almost a month of school. I'm really excited to do this with her... i just hope she doesn't get tired of it.

Tomorrow we're going ice skating with the youthgroup. I'm hoping that they'll allow Izzy to skate. She's been asking us to do this for awhile now and I can only imagine what she'll be like if she has to watch.

Hope you have a wonderful Valentine's Day!!! No matter what there's always one man who loves you... Jesus! Just read the book of John.

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