Saturday, February 07, 2009

It wasn't the glasses

So all week I've been struggling to see. I thought it was my glasses... that the prescription was not accurate so I went to the Dr where they told me it was okay. So I thought it might be just the irritation I was dealing with or possibly the antibiotics but my Dr said to use the drops 2 weeks so that's what I intended to do.

But tomorrow is the big race and I really wanted to wear my contacts so I could see properly. So I put them in today to have a day to adjust and guess what... still can't see. Thank goodness we were at camp and we've got three Dr's in the church. I asked one what might be wrong. Turns out.... he thought it was the antibiotics and said to stop taking them and in a couple days... my vision would be okay.

So turns out.. I'll still be running blindly tomorrow. :( To be honest, I'm quite discouraged as the bad vision is making me nauseous and I'm seeing double. How I'm typing this I don't know but please say a prayer that this is just the drops and that it won't take too long to see normal again.

Aside from the eyes... we had a fabulous family retreat! It was lots of fun but I'll be thankful to lie my head on a soft pillow this evening.

Well... off to rest!

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