Monday, June 23, 2008

Summer fun pics

This is the mini-sermon yesterday. Izzy looks like she's really into it. :)

relaxing in the pool

Well my interview went really well and since they still want to find a full-time teacher who can start in August, they offered me a substitute position. So that was cool and I hope they will call on me since I live so close by. :) I was really impressed with the school and wished they offered Cantonese because I would so send Izzy there but alas... However, I came home, found three more positions on-line that sounded like good potentials and have already heard back from them! How great is that! So I guess I shouldn't worry too much about finding something but I hope one of these will work out. One is teaching Music, one is Tutoring and one is teaching phonics in a Kindergarten. All very part-time but fairly close by. So I'm excited at the possibilities.

I had my Dr's appointment today and to be honest, I was stressed all day. The last thing I wanted to hear was how fat I was especially when I've been so careful over the last two weeks. Well I still gained but they didn't say anything. In fact, the only real thing that was said to me was that the baby is in good position with it's head down. Though the one nurse actually showed some compassion when she asked if I was still dealing with vomiting and I said yes. That was a nice treat. So despite what the clinic says about my weight, I had three people say something to me within the last week that I took as very nice compliments and made me smile. One of my MN girls told me I was the cutest pregnant ladies, a lady a church said she had no idea I was pregnant until I turned around, and a teacher at school told me that I walk pretty fast for a pregnant lady. They're little comments but they sure make a lady feel good. :)

Well I'm procrastinating... I have lots of writing papers to mark so I should get busy.

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