Friday, June 27, 2008

Mulan Musical

It's no lie that Isabella loves all things Disney... well at least most things so when I saw an ad for a children's musical production of Mulan, I decided that I HAD to take her. :) I thought it would be a really fun 'Mommy and Daughter' date... with dressing up, having dinner, and seeing the musical. And then Mike had to cancel cliff diving due to the rain and I thought it would be even better if could join us! So after Mom Time we headed out to Wanchai for dinner at the flying pan (an American breakfast place that Mike loves) and then off to the play. Izzy really enjoyed it and I was quite surprised at how well she sat and watched. Now all she talks about is going back to the 'me-ater' to see Mulan. It was a very fun evening and it was so nice to try something different with her.

And to top off a great night... a photography company was there giving out discounts so we signed up for a 1hr photo session! I was so excited because all photographers here are outrageously priced and with the discount we're getting an almost 400 dollar session for 50! Wohoo! The only negative being that while we will get one free 10X8, I know I'll love and want more and I'm sure that will be a bit out of our price range... but that's okay. We'll enjoy it. I was hoping we could extend the discount 1 more month so we could use it as a family photo with the new baby but it expires on the 26th of August and the guy felt it would be more special to have the photo while I was still pregnant. :)

It was just a really special day all around... hope yours was too!

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