Sunday, June 22, 2008

Izzy Conversations

Izzy: I'm scared Daddy.

Mike: You don't have to be scared, God is with you.

Izzy: Where Daddy, I don't see him?

A quick, funny Izzy story: Today was our Sunday School graduation and so Mike had all the children up front for a mini-sermon... Izzy included. I was actually surprised she stayed up there without me (she refused to do so at Christmas time but alas). I guess when she saw her friends she was fine. But anyway.... she was being a little bit noisy so I looked at her and did the whole finger to mouth, shhhhing thing. So she immediately stopped and began to sit quietly until the girls around her started talking. And then she became the teacher... shhhing anyone that said anything. :) It made me chuckle but I think it's something I'm going to have to keep my eye on... she has done this before and I don't want to raise a bossy little girl.

It's been a long day... a long few days actually so I'm looking forward to not having a lot on my plate for tomorrow. It's supposed to be incredibly hot as well so I'm looking forward to a swim. :) Anyway... we had our farewell lunch for the Manghams this afternoon. It was a nice time to listen to stories of how they touched lives here in HK. They were headed out for a cruise to Vietnam late afternoon before finishing out their last week in HK. They head back to the states July 1st... hard to believe the time is here already.

Nick came over for dinner and shared that the house they intended to buy in Canada fell through at the last minute. Secretly, I keep hoping they will stay in HK so I was happy but I'm sure this is a huge disappointment and frustration for them. I just keep praying that they will seek what the Lord has for them and that maybe it would be for them to stay another year or two. LOL

I'm down to 3 weeks of school left and I'm really looking forward to not making that commute anymore. I will miss the job and the students/co-workers but I will not miss dedicating 3hrs of my life each day to a bus or train. I actually have an interview in the morning for a potential position at a Kindergarten just up the street from us. They've already told me that they most likely will not have a position to offer me at this moment because of the baby and my due date but they asked me to still come for a possible substituting or part-time position in the near future. I have to be there for a hands on interview (so for the whole 3hr kindy session) and I'm not crazy about that but it's hard to pass up on something that is so close by. So I'm praying that they might have something part-time to offer me.

Well... I'm a bit tired so I'm headed to bed.

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