Sunday, June 29, 2008

Oh the Places You'll Go

Angela, Nancy and Brett (3 of our grads... Brett is Izzy's buddy)

Today we said good-bye to our grads but thankfully, we'll have some of them sticking around for the summer. However, Isabella's best bud leaves this Wednesday. We usually do a junk boat trip but we decided to do something different this year and it was a good thing as it stormed all day. We just had everyone over for a BBQ. It was great and we had a pretty good turn out... about 30 people total. So today seemed crazy as we had a final fellowship party in Children's Church and it was also Pastor Ed and Sharon's last Sunday and I didn't even get to say good-bye... plus our party in which we left right after the service for. But it was a good day and several students are still hanging out which I love.

Last night we had a friend and his son over for dinner and a game of monopoly. It was fun but the best part was seeing Tim and Mike on the couch sharing a blanket! :) The sayings about women always being hot while pregnant have run true for me and I guess I froze them out. It was too funny though.

It's a long weekend for me thanks to Hong Kong SAr day so I'm looking forward to Mon and Tues off. We're hoping to go cliff diving on Tuesday and I think tomorrow's just going to be a relaxing day. Only 7 more days of school for me! Wohoo!!!!

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