Friday, June 13, 2008

Happy Ministry Anniversary Dad!!!!

Today (or maybe it was yesterday, I'm a little confused on my dates today) my father-in-law celebrates 25 years in ministry!!!! What an exciting day to celebrate and look back upon how God has worked in your life as well as how He has used you in ministry. I haven't always been around (hehe... that just sounds funny to me) but I've been around since their life in Dover began and it's been so cool to see how they've become such a part of the church and how much the church has grown under his leadership.

His testimony as to how he ended up in ministry is impressive to me as he went back to school when Mike just a wee one after being successful as an accountant. I'm always super impressed with those who follow God's calling when it seems so much easier to continue to live the way you are. I think it takes a lot of faith, trust and willingness to sacrifice.

I've learned a lot from him over the past 8 yrs and it's been a blessing to be his daughter-in-law. So I wish you the happiest of anniversaries!

You can check out the Dover Alliance Church web-site here.... where you can also read his blog and listen to his sermons.

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