Monday, March 10, 2008

Spring Izzy

I just heard the sweetest words come out of Izzy's mouth without any prompting. She said, 'Let's pray for lunch. Dear Jesus, thank you for this lunch, thank you for this party, help momma feel better and daddy too. Thank you for lunch... be with momma. Amen.' I wanted so badly to get it on video but I also didn't want to miss a word she said.

Today started roughly (though simply because I was tired and didn't want to go to work) but ended up amazing. There's a pretty bad flu going around HK right now... several little children have died from it so it being HK and the whole SArS thing in the past... they're very careful about things so they cancelled school for all primary students and teachers until after Easter break!!! Wohoo! That means an extra week and 2 days off for me! Though I didn't know this until I trekked the 1.15minutes to school to turn around and do the same to go home. I thought about different things I could do but HK is not alive at 8am so I just came home. We've had a fun day playing outside. The weather is just gorgeous and if you know Izzy, she LOVES being outside. We had tea parties, golfed, read, she even mopped the stones and pretended to ride a horse. I'm constantly amazed at the creativity of this kid. :)

I tried desperately to find a trip for us since I have this extra time off but with Easter, Mike can't easily get off and all flights to the East Coast were totally booked. It was a bit disappointing but if the weather stays as is, we'll have lots of fun playing outside and doing some things that are more enjoyable when it's cooler out... like Botanical Gardens, Stanley, Disney of course, and some hiking. Mike will take a few days off after Easter to have some family time so we're looking forward to that.

We just pray that no one in our house catches even a smidge of this sickness going around.

But anyway... I just really wanted to show this picture of Izzy. Because of how sick I've been I haven't taken any pictures until last week and she's just grown and changed so much.

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