Sunday, March 16, 2008

1st BBQ

We had an awesome day today! Church was great... the youth led worship and did a fabulous job. I was really quite proud of how well they did and the group that led today was a totally new group (aside from a few singers.) We had Stuart Briscoe with us this morning and he spoke on what the 'church' is. He's a great speaker and I enjoyed him a lot. I felt like I had the chance to talk to some of the younger girls before Sunday school started which is something that doesn't happen very often so I was thankful for that too. After church Jill, ryan, and Hunter came over for pizza and just to relax. It was awesome to just sit on our rooftop and chat... it was a gorgeous day out too. Just as they left the college group came over after their hike to hang out and BBQ. It was really fun to have them over to. This is a new ministry and I was excited to meet some of new people. Plus, I just really enjoy having guests over and since they offered to do all the cooking and cleaning up... well who wouldn't pass that up. :)

Izzy enjoyed having all her 'friends' over. She was really awesome today considering an early morning and no nap. She warmed right up to all the college girls and enjoyed her first chance to BBQ. She loves these mini-hotdogs so we let her BBQ some at the end. She's always fun to pick up after the children's service or Sunday school because she'll tell me what song they sang, etc.. but today when I asked her what song they sang she said, " Jesus Loves Me" and then proceeded to sing it. i was quite impressed with her memory of all the words. Then she was telling me: "Jesus this and Jesus that." It was cute as always.

Now... I'm ready to hit the hay. Tomorrow is supposed to be the last nice day for about a week so I have great plans. I'm just thankful that I didn't get called into work like my fellow teacher did. :)

Have a blessed Sunday!

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