Thursday, March 20, 2008

A day out with Mom

Izzy refused to let me take any pictures on our day out but I managed to get her to look at the camera once for one of those... take the pic with my arm stretched out. It's not the most flattering of pics, but I like it. :)
Here's Izzy checking out the monkeys.
We dyed our eggs on Wed. Izzy was more interested in putting the stickers on but that's okay. We still had fun.

These two pictures are Izzy and her flowers. We went to the nursery on Mon night and we all picked out some flowers to plant. Izzy from the moment we got there chose these. It was weird to see her stick with one plant each time we asked her what she wanted but I'm glad she likes them. She has carried them everywhere. They sit with her on the couch, she brings them to the dinner table, she even keeps them with her in bed. We keep telling her that we will plant them this weekend... I hope she's not too disappointed. :)

Well yesterday started out rough... I planned to buy some used DVD's off and ebay type site here in HK but I was just going to meet the lady at an mtr stop that's on the island (a good bit away from where we are). So I decided to make a day out of it... picking up the movies, meeting my mom group at the Botanical Gardens/Zoo, stopping at Bumps to Babes, and just enjoying the day. Well at 9:50, I got a text saying the lady couldn't meet me but it was too late, I was already in Hung Hom. Then I got a phone call from the only mom who decided to meet today saying she wasn't going to be able to come. Poor Izzy was bummed that Kiki wasn't coming but she was still focused on seeing gorillas so I couldn't let her down. We headed out and stopped at Bumps to Babes first in an attempt to find some reasonably priced maternity clothes. Izzy had fun riding around the store on a scooter while I unsuccessfully looked at clothes. (I cannot believe the prices here! Nothing is less than about forty dollars. But alas...) We did manage to find some swim diapers and of course that made Izzy's day. :) We used the last swim diaper on Wed and I told her that she was going to have to learn how to use the potty if she wanted to swim and well that just wasn't an option in her mind. No she is not potty trained but I'm not stressing over it either. She understands everything but is just not willing so when the day comes.. I'm just convinced (or just praying) that it will be super easy. Then we headed off to what HK calls a zoo... it's quite pathetic in my mind but at least it's got some animals to look at. Sadly though, all the animals were sleeping. Izzy was bummed and started screaming at the monkeys to 'wake up and come down here.' It was cute but our afternoon at the zoo only lasted about 30 minutes as Isabella just got bored. So I called Mike to share our disappointing zoo visit and he suggested heading to the Peak and having Burger King for lunch. I much prefer BK over McD's any day but the only ones in HK are at the Peak (too far away for a regular trip) and the other at the airport. So anyway... I thought it would be fun and thought Izzy would enjoy the tram ride. We got to the peak, saw some live bunnies, ate some BK and then just headed back down. The day was hazy, cloudy, rainy... just ugly so there was no view and there's not much but shops up at the peak. But anyway... we had a good time. We then took the tram back down and went to Toys r Us where I got some toys for the egg hunt and Izzy played on the outdoor toys.

At dinner that evening, Joan and I were talking about small groups (benefits/challenges, ect) and then somehow we got to talking about her time while she was in the Philippines waiting for her visa. She shared with me that while she was home she was able to continuously share her faith with her sister and neighbor and before returning to HK, they both accepted Christ! How awesome! But what's funny is that her visa took a long time to get approved and we all were wondering what was going on and getting a bit frustrated but it was so cool to say... 'well that's why you couldn't come any sooner. God was working and using you. He had to wait until they were ready to accept Christ.' So it was worth waiting for that visa!!!

I think that just totally made my day. Don't get me wrong, I had a blast having the day to spend with Izzy and doing some different things but hearing how God was/is at work is so very exciting!

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