Sunday, February 26, 2006

Mike would be proud...

Two things: 1.I'm a bargain hunter for sure. I love my market shopping and in the states, I loved my clearance shopping. 2. I love buying gifts for other people and would much rather spend money on someone else than myself.

I say all that to say this... Mike would be so proud of me. I started my training for my half-marathon and discovered that I have runners' knee and will have to take a longer/slower approach as well as working on some other things in order to be successful in this goal. One thing, buying new shoes. I've debated and debated on how much I should spend. Do I really need more expensive shoes? Are they really higher quality? At the airport I found a magazine that discusses this exact question and I came to the conclusion that yes I do need to invest more than what I'd like. So today I hit Dicks sporting goods and bought my first pair of real running shoes and the tears flowed as I handed them the money. LOL I didn't go overboard but did pay more than I would've like to but I know my wonderful husband will be so proud of me for making the right investment.

And I felt very blessed to be able to afford this. I feel like I'm growing up and starting to really care about taking care of myself in so many ways (physically being one of them). I've really changed my eating and exercising habits (and PTL benefited by losing that baby weight plus some) but it's not about how I look. Rather it's about taking care of God's Temple. I want to be around a long time to be used by Him and to watch my daughter grow.

We took Kara to Chuck E Cheese today and how fun it was to watch her run from game to game, racking up the tickets. On the other hand, it was sad to see the selfishness of others trample a little girls excitment as they cut in front, hogged certain games because they offered more tickets, and asked her to hurry up and finish her air hockey game because they wanted to play. What broke my heart even more was that some of these things took place by adults. What has our society come to? It saddens me everyday to see people so focused on things that they miss out on the most exciting/important thing in life... a relationship with God.

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meems said...

Found your blog through TDC. I'm a total believer in getting decent shoes for running. If you ever get the chance, I suggest going to a running store and have someone evaluate how you run and see if you over- or underpronate so that they can help you find the best shoes for you. Good luck with your training!