Sunday, February 05, 2006

Grace=Undeserved Blessings

Grace=undeserved blessings

I felt I was showed a lot of grace this past week and weekend. From my previous posts, you probably can get the idea that I've had a hard time the past month or so. I've always felt confident that God would bring me through everything and that He was in control but I don't feel that I deserve what He has done for me this past week.

First of all, Mike will be travelling back to MN with me. This is a HUGE blessing because I was starting to get really nervous about how I was going to handle Isabella by myself. He will only be there for a few days but the fact that he's willing to make such a quick trip just amazes me. What a great husband I have. And this means that I will only be away from him for 3 weeks instead of 4 which makes me happy too.

Secondly, I got to see a Dragon Dance! I'm pretty confident it was a shortened one but it was a dance nontheless! I can't tell you how excited I was to be able to watch it. After the shock of the loud drums, Isabella was able to enjoy herself too. We just happened to be over in the mall connected to our complex and there was a sign for the dance to start in about an hour so I rushed home, got my camera, and came back.

Thirdly, on our way out the door to the mall, we checked our mail hoping for a package from Mike's parents and there was nothing. They were sending us some Children's Benedryl for Isabella and we were really hoping for a chance to try this on her to see if she takes after her Daddy and gets hyper rather than calmed. So Mike said a quick prayer that we'd still get it today and low and behold... our guard was holding it as we walked in the door!

Dumplings have become one of my favorite foods so I convinced Mike to eat at my fav restaurant one more time before I left and when we walked in we were greeted with "So nice to see you again!" (Can you tell we eat there a lot?) That was such a treat for me and to top it off, they pretty much drooled all over Isabella which allowed us to eat our meal in peace. LOL

Man... the blessings keep going. We tried the benedryl on Isabella when we got home from lunch and I'm happy to report that she doesn't take after Daddy. I laid her down in the crib and by the time I walked out to the living room she was asleep! And she slept over 2hrs! (This may be a bad thing for me to know. LOL)

Forgot to mention that we had dinner with Ed and Sharon (our Sr. Pastor and wife) last night as well. They invited us over knowing that it would be a quick visit because we like to get Isabella to bed early on Saturday nights because Sunday's are such a long day for her. It was a great time of fellowship and food. It's nice to sit back and just talk about life rather than always talking about the needs of the church. And I love watching them play with Isabella too... just warms my heart.

Finally... another super cool treat.... we get to watch the Superbowl and not just any superbowl but we get to watch the STEELERS in a Superbowl. I can't even begin to tell you how thrilled I am yet also bummed that I can't be in PA to watch it with the other Steeler fans. We'll be up at 7am with some friends coming over to cheer them on (okay don't know who they're cheering for but at least we'll be cheering for them). However, instead of the traditional chips and soda we'll have eggs, muffins, fruit, and OJ. GO STEELERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well... it's going to be an early morning so I'm off.

PS. I've made a few new scrapbooking pages in the past several days so take a minute to check out 'My Gallery' (look to the left) and see some different pictures.

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Margie said...

Hi Melissa, Glad you got to watch the football game! Even better that the Steelers won! I commented on your post the other day but it doesn't look like it showed up-anyway, loved the layout with your daughter and jealous you get Starbucks :)