Thursday, January 01, 2009

Happy 2009!!!!

I wanted a memorable way to begin 2009 ...

so at 6:30 I put on my running clothes and Mike and I raced in the Pacers Shatin New Year's run. It was a 10K. We've been battling a stomach bug in the house and it keeps lingering between Mike and I. That and very little sleep the night before... made for the worst feeling run ever. Mike did great and my time actually wasn't so bad but I felt miserable and almost puked 3/4ths into the race. But I finished and wasn't last and that's what I was going for, considering how I felt.

And now I'm on to preparing for the Standard Chartered Half-Marathon thanks to Sarah! I actually missed the deadline but Sarah gave me an entry for Christmas so I'm really excited about it. It feels so good to be getting back in shape after having Isaiah and I'm proud to say that I've run 2 10K's and he's only 4 months! :)

But alas... we spent the rest of the day celebrating with the aff (alliance filipino fellowship) ladies at our home. I think there was a total of about 30 of us here and lots of laughter. It was fun to see them all relaxed and having a great time.

I've got several goals for 2009 (I'll post those another day) but one is to be more consistent with my blogging this year. I feel like I've forgotten a lot of great things/blessings/etc about last year because I didn't write them down so my goal is to at least blog a little about each day so I'm constantly aware and looking for what God is doing and being thankful for each day.

As for today, I'm thankful for the New Year and another chance to grow, learn and challenge myself in new ways. I was reading another blog that talked about choosing one word for the year ahead. She makes jewelry and was selling your 'word' hand stamped on a necklace. What a great reminder to have throughout the year but I thought the idea of one word was really great so I'm praying that God will give me that one word for what He would have for me to focus on this year ahead. Could you summarize the year ahead in one word?

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