Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Blessed Today

I must admit that I dreaded today. Wednesday's is Mom Time (a group of Mom's that get together to build friendships via a bunch of fun activities) and while I absolutely love these ladies and spending time with them, I HATE the commute there. It literally drains me. But I was truly blessed in so many ways but packing up the kids and heading to Hung Hom. We only had 5 moms attend, most at least 20 minutes late and we ended up getting kicked out of the room on time (this has never happened so we were caught a bit off guard) but it was great. I had the chance to really chat with some of the Japanese moms who tend to keep to themselves because of their lack of English, we even had a new mom attend, and our discussion time gave everyone a chance to really be honest and share. I really like the small group but I will never, ever complain how God has made this group grow from 3 moms to a minimum of twenty. It's amazing to see... now I just continually pray that God will work in these women's lives and draw them to Himself.

And because we got kicked out on time, we made it back to Sai Kung at 4:30, just in time to miss our bus home. So I let Isabella play at the playground and 3 of my students were there playing as well. Isabella has been quite shy lately but today she was following them around so I encouraged her to ask them if she could play with them. She so politely asked me if I would, so I did and because these kids are so sweet they were all for her joining them. Isabella had a blast playing with them and almost cried when they headed off to soccer practice. In fact, Isabella asked if she could learn how to play soccer as well so that she could play with them more often. I told her I would look into it. :) Actually, I'm all for it because she doesn't have any playmates in this area. We have to commute quite a ways to get her playmates and it would be really nice to have some closer. Plus, I would love to meet some moms in the area as well. But now I'm rambling...

Anyway, I was really blessed and encouraged by today. To top all that off, Isabella went to bed like a champ tonight. Not one word from her after leaving her room which is something that has not happened in a LONG time. So instead of enjoying some time to myself by doing anything I like... I'm headed to bed. Oh wait... that's something I LOVE to do too!

Good night!

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