Saturday, December 06, 2008

Christmas Crafts

Sorry the pics are small but that's all I could get blogger to let me upload.

Yesterday, Izzy and I spent the afternoon making all sorts of Christmas crafts. We made reindeers from her hand and foot prints, we made our hand print ornaments again, and we made these q-tip snowflakes that I found on this blog... 

She's got a lot of very fun crafts and activities for little ones and an amazing chocolate chip cookie recipe too. Though I don't have a pic of that as we ate them too quickly. :)

Izzy had a lot of fun playing with lots of glue and glitter. I had to modify the craft a bit but I think it worked out just as nicely. We started Isaiah's reindeer too but I think I need an extra set of hands on that one.

We're starting to feel better but I still seem to get a mid-night fever. I stayed home from a Christmas party tonight in hopes that the 3hr nap Joan allowed me to take and getting to bed early will take care of it for good.


David said...

HEY! cool crafts!

Chrissie said...

Your family is beautiful and Hong Kong looks amazing.
The snowflakes are so cute.