Monday, January 05, 2009

A trip to the Consulate and rat alley

Surprisingly it only took us a few pictures to get the perfect passport photo for Isaiah. It was much easier than our attempts with Isabella. This is the final shot but we got some really cute photos alongside this one. And these were done about 10pm... we sure do have a happy go lucky guy on our hands. It will be really fun watching him grow and seeing how he responds to Isabella.

Getting his passport was simple and didn't take too long so Mike and I decided to have dinner at our favorite Malaysian restaurant in rat alley. It's this little restaurant among 2/3 others... all serving the same type of food, you're all squished together in this little alleyway and most of the seating is outside. It's a fun atmosphere and the food at Co Co (the restaurant we usually eat at) is great.. and oh yeah they cook roti (Indian bread) right in front of you. So we went to Co Co's but it wasn't open yet so we stopped by PCC to feed Isaiah and pass some time. We head back to rat alley and Co Co's is still not open. By this time we're (well I guess I) was quite hungry and didn't want to wait too much longer to eat. We didn't see anyone at the restaurant to ask when they'd open so we just decided to try one of the other's. We figured how bad could they be... they're always busy and they all serve the same type of food. Wrong!!!! When the food came out, I thought we made a bad decision. And then we tried our food and well... let's just say we're quick eaters but I think today we by far beat our time. But the best part was in the midst of our 5 minute meal... the cats above us start fighting. I was just waiting for one to fall dead next to our table.

So to restore our terrible dinner, we stopped by Oliver's (a fancy grocery store that carries quite a bit of western items though at a price) and picked up some lime tortilla's, some cheesy salsa and some nutter butter bites... and oh yeah NErDS!!!! So all in all it was a good day and unique experience.

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Rachel Benz said...

Oh he has such a sweet face! I wish I could see them in person. I mean I guess I could but it would require a LOT of time in the air!